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PWT CH 7: Schnee Co. Austin Greninja Vs Mega Abomasnow!

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja Sorry for the Super lateness of this, been doing other things XD, I Shant not give up on them, and I was going to post the next chap of this on the second, but I said
"Frig it, might as well :)
Austin and Yang are in thier room,
Austin: You were great out there! I guess you learn a few tricks from training with the champ :D
Yang: *Hugs* Yeah, you are the best :D
They sit there for a bit, while Greninja and Litten eat some of their Pokefood.
Litten: Mew?
Yang: What's up Litten?
Litten smells the air, and runs out the door.
Yang: Litten Come back!
They get up, and chase Litten to the kitchen, wich has a huge amount of food on a table, and Litten grabs on of the fish and starts nibbling it. When someone comes with an Abomasnow
Weiss: What is this litle furball doing!?
Yang and Austin Catch up
Yang: Litten! That's not yours!
Austin: Sorry about that, she's... young.
Weiss: This food is for all the trainers here! You can't just let your cat eat it all!
Yang: One fish, she took one fish.
Austin: And we did apologize Princess
(Sarcastic tone)
Weiss: Are you trying to mock me!?
Austin: I mock anyone who uses the term Mock.
Weiss takes out her Pokeball,
Weiss: Let's battle then!
Man: Enough Weiss!
Weiss: Sorry daddy
*Backs up*
Mr.Schnee: I am sorry if my daughter gave you any problems, I am Mr. Schnee
Austin: Hi, I'm The kalos Champion Austin :)
Yang: And I'm his girlfriend Yang, and This is Litten
*Holds up litten adorably
Litten: Meow!
Mr Schnee: Please to meet you all. I am the head of the Schnee Co.
Austin: The company that makes the Pokemon products?
Mr Schnee: Correct! We have come to Hoenn to study what trainers are like here, and Fancy meeting the Kalos Champion here :D
Would you like to see our current building?
Austin: Sure!
Mr Schnee: And this is our Pokeball factory, where we try to make special kinds of Pokeballs for any situation
Austin: Neat!
but what about battling? I want to see wht Silph has for Action!
Mr.Schnee: Right this way...
He takes them to a huge stadium
Mr Schnee: I take it you would like a battle?
Austin: Oh Yeah! Bring it on!!!
Yang:*Sighs* He'll never learn...
Litten: *Mews in agreement*
Weiss walks in
Weiss: Dad! I'd like to battle, I can get stronger if I battle the champion of Kalos!
Mr. Schnee: Hmm, ok. You battle my daughter and she gets stronger.
Austin: Trust me, you had me at Battle Weiss!
*In the stadium*
Mr. Schnee: This will be a one on one battle!
Austin: Time to knock you off your perch Ice Queen!
Weiss: You will learn respect! Chumpion of Kalos!
Mr. Schnee: Begin!

Austin: Greninja Your up!
Weiss: Alright Dunce! Let's play!
She throws her pokeball
Abomasnow: Aboma!
Suddenly, it started to hail, and the hail hit Greninja
Austin: WHAT!?
Weiss: It's Called Snow Warning You dunce! It makes the weather Hail.
Austin: Thinks she's so smart...
Greninja! Water Shuriken!
Weiss: *Yawns* Abomasnow, use Ice Punch[​IMG]
The two attacks counteract
Austin: Use Cut!
Greninja extends it's arms into blades, and slashed at Abomasnow
Weiss: Ok... Let's kick things up a bit...
*Holds up a small stone*
Weiss: Keystone! Respond to my heart...
Abomasnow! MEGA EVOLVE!!!
Austin: Woah!
Weiss: Abomasnow Cream that little frog!
Mega Abomasnow charged at Greninja and bashed him with a Wood Hammer, when Greninja started to glow, and transformed again
Austin: Greninja Evolved again!?
To be continued...