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Wite Marchosias: PWP Wite Marchosias P3

by Foxex

Foxex Part 3 of 3
Warning, there are some graphic things in this one.
After the sudden disappearance of the Empire’s Heiress, Overlord Marchosias threw the entire Empire into a blood frenzy state, while Queen Eleanor began to withdraw into herself in depression and a state of overall mental instability. The disappearance of Wite was far more devastating than Overlord Marchosias could have ever imagined, he realized that the Dark Jewel that he had allowed Wite to keep as a good luck charm had disappeared along with her, and she had a habit of holding onto it while she slept. The search for Wite and the Dark Jewel started within the Citadel, and spread out from there, every nook, cranny, and corner was searched the Overlord and Queen refused to believe that their beloved daughter had been summoned to another realm at such an age. This swept across the entire Empire and when Wite or the Jewel could not found the Empire raged the war with the other two Empires stronger than ever.

Accounts of the Sanguine Empire’s ferocity from Demon Historians state that the Sanguine Empire had mobilized multiple armies so massive the defending or opposing armies could see no ends to their ranks. Bolstering their massive numbers the Sanguine Empire also deployed never before seen constructs, all with devastating abilities. Three of the armies deployed were each headed by an Avatar of the Overlord. These armies were tireless, relentless, and unrelenting, wiping out and completely annihilating anything that came into their path. As a result the Sanguine Empire’s borders rapidly grew and expanded. It was eventually slowed and stopped by a huge unified army of the Ossium Empire and the Empire of Sin. The combined army was eventually able to slowly push back the Sanguine Empire’s army. Eventually the entirety of the Sanguine Empire army was recalled back to its original borders. Though they destroyed cities and genocide entire populations, they never occupied or settled in the places they conquered. This lead to the demon historians believing that it was the rage of Overlord Marchosias that pushed the armies, thus it was named the Campaign of Raging Sorrow. Records of the Overlord’s Avatars being able to roar with such rage, power, and anger that it would strip flesh from bone, cause blood to boil, and could even cause an individual’s head to explode. The Overlord’s Avatars have never been mobilized in such a way before and to witness one in combat and then surviving the encounter was extremely rare.

Whilst Wite’s parents searched for their daughter in the Demon Realm. Wite found herself in a completely alien place. Her powers had been drained to a mere shadow of its former potency. Scared, confused, and weakened, she found herself trapped within the summoning circle, unable to identify the people who surrounded her. The first interaction that she had with them was an unexpected swing from a large metal club to the back of her head. She felt her skull cave and shatter as she became dazed, then another swing, this time breaking one of her legs, then another then another. Wite could feel every hit of he clubs, breaking her bones into smaller and smaller pieces often times the bone fragments would rupture out of her skin which only resulted in it being crushed by a club. She couldn’t even scream in pain was how fast the brutal beatings had hit her, by the time she was able to do anything, she spat up blood, pieces of her own bone, along with small chunks of her tongue that she accidently bit off. No one was meant to survive though something like that, but she was not a typical human, or even a typical demon for that matter. Wite’s once snow-white and grey fur was now nothing but a red pile of broken flesh and matted fur that barely resembled her original body shape, though its now twisted and broken beyond recognition. They men stripped her clothing away and tried to remove her jewelry on he bit they couldn’t stomping her head further into the ground. They took the Dark Jewel away from her broken hands which she had tried to protect, clutching it tightly to herself for as long as she could during the beating.

After what felt like hours of abuse, the men finally left her alone, locked in a pitch black room that reeked of a mixture of her own blood and filth having lost simple body control functions. Hours passed, Wite didn’t know how long, she was so weak, the pain was so much her mind had shut off major portions of itself to save her from the pain. But Wite regenerated, slowly but surely her body recovered, bones regrew and snapped back into place, her organs repaired and reoriented themselves, she was recovering at a steady pace, faster than any human possibly could. It felt like days had passed before Wite felt she could stand up. The moment she tried men busted though the door, the light from beyond the door completely blinded her after being trapped in total darkness for so long. Before she was able to recover or say a single thing, the whole process started over again, she was beaten down till she was completely senseless, and she lost consciousness several times. The men would wait till she came to and resumed. The beating lasted hours. And once they were satisfied, the left the room and locked her in total darkness again.

In reality Wite was able to recover nearly overnight, but she had no sense of time, depraved of any kind of knowledge or information that would let her know the passing of time. The dialing routine of beatings would continue for weeks, and eventually months. Without fail Wite would nearly recover overnight only to be beaten until she was completely broken the next day. Eventually Wite became fearful. Eventually one day she was not attacked by a group of men with clubs, but instead a single man walked into the room, he was nicely dressed in long white flowing robes with blood red accents. The man reminded Wite of the Blood Priests, which she never liked. The man introduced himself as Marquis.

Wite being heself didn’t care for the man and tried to attack him, but she was too weak to do anything, eventhough she was alive she had not eaten or drank anything proper in over a month, resorting to lapping up her own blood that bled out of her from her beatings, and the occasional scraps of her own meat from bones that were beaten so hard that they flew out of her. Her attempted attack on Marquis was pitiful and resulted on him leaving the room only for her to get beaten down again. This new routine went on for several days until one day Wite gave up, she utterly and completely gave up, and surrendered to Marquis’s demands. Making an uneasy deal with him involving a promise of demonic power, and the opening of a portal to the demon realm. Both of these Wite did not intend to keep, and was already beginning to formulate her own plan of revenge when the time is right.

As Wite was dragged out of the room by her collar strangling her causing her to pass out once more, she was awoken to herself being dunked and submerged underwater for long periods of time as they bathed her, they would allow no more than three seconds for her to take in air then put her under for minuets at a time. she had been living in her own filth for slightly over a month by this time. She eventually passed out from being submerged underwater for too long. Being a highly powered greater demon means that Wite was unable to die by mundane means such as physical trauma and drowning, so she eventually came back around, waking up to violently vomiting copious amounts of water and coughing so much water that she was eventually coughing up blood, and her throat felt raw and torn apart. She was given a small room with little to no luxuries, the complete opposite to the room she had in the Citadel. But Wite managed to make a small nest for herself to the best of her abilities.

Around this time, Wite was tended to by a young little boy around the age of six. Physically Wite looked no older than the boy despite being years older than he boy. At first, Wite’s instinct was to kill the boy and feed on him, but there was something within her that stopped her from doing so. A feeling a familiarity and nostalgia desite never seeing or meeting the boy before. The way he behaved was so different and odd to her. He was completely unafraid of her, approaching her with total innocence and completely oblivious to what and who Wite was, even as going as far as saying that she looked cute like a white and grey Rockruff, and even expressed that he wanted to pet her. Wite responded abrasively at first, keeping her guard up and carefully observing the boy.

The boy introduced himself as Owen once Wite had stopped snarling and growling at the boy whenever he entered her room. Eventually the two formed a rather odd friendship. Wite despite her outer appearance that made her appear pupply-like, was far more mentally mature and an intellectual that would teach Owen about simple concepts that a boy his age ought to know, but due to the Cult’s upbringing, he was ever educated on. Although the sentiment may seem endearing, the concepts and ideas that Wite was teaching Owen, were those of what demons know, and go by, in a way skewing Owen’s views and ideas to be more in a mindset of a demon rather than a human, that along with the horrors he sees on a daily basis it allowed him to make sense of things easier, because of this Owen is able to sympathize and see Wite’s point of view easier than that of another human’s. Wite did not do this on purpose as these were the things that she was taught when she was younger.

As the two grew up, Wite began to rapidly physically mature into that of a young adult. She managed to live as normally as she possibly could within the cult, becoming a type of healer sacred for them due to her demonic origins. Secretly she would teach Owen Blood manipulation techniques which Wite discovered that he had an affinity for only because his father was sacrificed by the guild to grant Owen power and his mother was also sacrificed as part of the ritual that summoned Wite in the first place. Wite understood now why she feels the way she does towards Owen, and made a promise to him that she will protect him and be with him for as long as it is necessary. For years, Wite had been recollecting the specific details of the deal she made with Marquis, while at the same time laying the seeds to his downfall and the eventual freedom for her and Owen. Thinking back and remembering what her father and mother had said about demonic deals and pacts, Wite managed to find a loophole that she can exploit to accomplish her goals, but to do it she needed a ton of raw power and external help. Not long after Wite had Owen sent out with a spy group of cultists that was infiltrating the Kingdom of Kelan overseas, to keep him away from Marquis and the island. The external help Wite was looking for came in the form of the Cult spies’ information on the Queen of Kelan how she was on a search for the elemental Jewels and was setting out on an expedition, thus Wite set her plan into motion.
  1. Foxex
    With some mind manipulation magic, Bell might be able to project Wite's memory into reality, kind of being there without being there
    Feb 26, 2020
  2. RenzFlintrock
    ...wow. This would make even Rolen sorry for her, and maybe even become more friendly... if she could find a way to make him believe her. He might think she was lying.
    Feb 26, 2020
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  3. Hecotoro
    Well I now see Wite's weaknesses xD This was really nice!
    Feb 24, 2020
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