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Wite Marchosias: PWP Wite Marchosias P2

by Foxex

Foxex Part 2 of 3
As the years progressed Wite’s ability and powers grew and grew, but physically she still appeared very puppy like. Like with all greater demons, they physically grow at a much slower rate but their powers, skills, and mental capabilities mature at a consistent rate.

For one of Wite’s earlier birthdays, her mother had given Wite a collar with the Empire’s seal and the opportunity for Wite to get her ears pierced. Instead of going for a ring on each ear Wite decided to get three on her right ear and two on her left similar to the piercings her mother has. Little did Wite know at the time the five rings of piercings that her mother gave her were master-crafted, heavily enchanted pieces of jewelry, each were uniquely different and granted the wearer special benefits: Enhanced and empowered flow and circulation of magic in the body, heightened levels of awareness and reflexes, and immunity to the effects of madness and insanity. With her mother’s gifts, Wite became a damn near unstoppable white and dark grey furball, challenging members of the Blood Council to sparring matches and going toe-to-toe and blade-to-blade with the Greater Demons, she lost more than she won but it was how she trained herself. Wite on many occasions would challenge her father. He would of course accept to humor her and their sparring matches always ended up the same: with Wite face down in the ground, and her father without a single scratch and not really having moved from his starting spot.

Wite’s go to weapons were a pair of blood-made serrated hookswords. She had mastered various forms of weapon combat single or dual wielding, but the hook swords were something she always fell back to, it was an odd weapon choice but it was efficient and extremely deadly. Her style was very quick, graceful, and elegant, for prolong a fights it would draw out copious amounts of blood leading to the opponents eventual death though blood loss, or in a short fight the style can easily outmaneuver the opponent and deliver lethal executions . These traits were mainly trained by her mother and Bell as they stressed the importance of beauty and finesse for a lady in combat.

When Wite got slightly older and when her fully matured fangs had grown in, her father asked her one birthday if she wanted a special gift similar to the one her mother gave her all those years ago. She accepted despite her father warning her that it may hurt quite a lot, but Wite was no stranger to pain. So later that day her father and mother took her down to the Fleshpits. There she met Master Flesh Crafter Fabius, a rather strange but sinister looking demon standing massively tall over Wite, who stood a measly three almost four feet tall compared to Fabius’s over nine-feet tall height, not to mention he was massively bulky with muscle under his armor, and on his back was various mechanical and surgical devices from claws, saws, knives, syringes, hammers and mallets, and various vials of multi-colored fluids and slimes. He resembled a man but also a Demon, he was something else.

Wite knew this man since she was no stranger to the Fleshpits and often played there, and learned about the various constructions of the Sanguine Empire Flesh Constructs from Fabius. It was Fabius who initially discovered Wite’s innate ability of manipulating souls from capturing them, extracting them, controlling them, and even devouring them for power and energy.

Wite sat back in the reclined chair with her mouth wide open bearing her fangs. Her father walked up to her and opened a small black box, inside was two curved spikes one gold and one silver with so much detail etched around each one. Upon closer inspection Wite discovered that they were fangs, and not just any fangs, fangs that were crafted like hers. Her father poked at Wite’s top right fang indicating it’s going to be replaced with the gold fang and her lower left fang, the silver one. He nodded at her and she nodded back in agreement.

The procedure was quick and swift. Wite was back on her feet within an hour though a bit wobbly due to the anesthetics and other drugs that Fabius had to pump into her to subdue her. Her removed fangs were kept by her Father and Mother, made into trinkets that they kept with them at all times.

The two fangs that Wite received from her father allowed her to manipulate souls with greater effectiveness and ease as well as devouring them with greater gains. The designs on the fangs themselves act as further magic flow and regulation enhancers.

It wasn’t long after this when Wite’s world literally changed. One night as she slept she was woken up by a strange feeling that radiated throughout her body, she could hear voices but that was impossible, her mother had made her immune to those effects. Wite waking up caused Bell to wake as well, Wite instructed her to get her mother which she did without hesitation. By the time Bell returned with the Overlord and the Queen, Wite was gone from her room, vanished into mid-air.
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  1. Hecotoro
    That's why. I know she isn't as strong on earth, but the idea of her being so strong in the demon world makes me glad they aren't going into it xD
    You basically created the entire realm on your own, pretty nice.
    Jan 29, 2020
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  2. Foxex
    @Hecotoro well that's her in the demon world being powered up by all that yummy demonic energy, she's not meant to be fought in the earth realm when fully powered. just like Vlad being able to pull the Moon, and that's a power of what would be an Overlord that's weakened and without the backing of his Empire lol

    being stuck in the current realm has gimped her overall power quite severely, the powers of her earrings and stuff that her other and father gave are providing her with a boost, but boosting something that's relatively weak will only bring it up to on par levels at best. she's a shadow of what she can be if she were home

    maybe, and just maybe, completing Wite's deal and sending Wite home might net the Kelean Empire the Sanguine Empire's favor...
    Jan 29, 2020
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  3. Hecotoro
    Man Wite is so powerful xD I don't think anything on earth can take her on.
    Jan 28, 2020
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  4. RenzFlintrock
    Wow... I have to say I enjoyed this a lot.
    Jan 28, 2020
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