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Wite Marchosias: PWP Wite Marchosias P1

by Foxex

Foxex Part one of I don't know how many, maybe 2 or 3
Backstory/origin for Wite
The skirmishes and localized genocides escalated stronger and fiercer around the far reaches and borders of the Sanguine Empire. The Demons of the Sanguine Empire were in what only could be described as Blood Ecstasy as they slaughtered any enemy of the Sanguine Empire to their delight and partook in the most depraved, unimaginable, and indescribable acts of debauchery, brutality, and ecstasy to the opposition. The sky was bright red, no clouds but blood still rained down from nowhere, a sign that their Overlord is watching and delighting. The air hung with the heavy metallic taste of blood, immense amounts of Demonic and Eldritch Magic coursed in the winds empowering anyone to madness and complete insanity that would draw upon them, a gift from the Queen.

The festivities had lasted three days so far, but this day was the day of celebration for the Sanguine Empire, the holist of days that only ever comes every few millennia. Every denizen, demon, creature, construct, and monstrosity within the Empire celebrated and paid homage in their own ways from joining the battles at the borders or joining the massive orgies of blood that flooded every street, town, city, keep, and citadel within the Empire. This was the day the Heir was going to be born.

The avatars of the Overlord graced each battlefield in turn devastating its enemies, but one remained in the heart of the Empire flying overhead within the capital city where the greatest citadel within the entirety of the Demon Realm resided, the Muhjah Citadel, the residence of the Overlord, his Queen, and soon to be family. Muhjah Citadel was the size of a small city on its own, with countless spires, high intricate arching architecture, and housed just about everything a well-fortified city would ever need.

The final screams of pain from the Queen echoed through the halls from the heart of the Citadel. Within the lavishly extravagant bed chambers of Overlord Marchosias and his beloved wife Queen Eleanor. Overlord Marchosias, attending physicians and healers were present by the Queen’s side as the new Heir was brought into the world. Marchosias held the hand of his beloved as she relaxed, he hated seeing her in any kind of pain, discomfort, or god forbid disappointment.

The attending physician finished washing the new born and wrapped it into a large extravagant blanket. A small fairy fluttered nearby and the physician handed the new born to her. Sharp yelping noises came from the newborn as it was passed and the fairy looked down at it with a wide smile, “Ohhh! She’s soooo cute!” the fairy exclaimed flying higher into the air before descending next to the Queen and handing the bundle to her.

“Thank you Bell.” Queen Eleanor smiled weakly as she took the newborn into her arms and looked down on it. There she was the Heiress to the Sanguine Empire, a small bundle of snow white and dark grey semi-wet fur, still blind, with ears that were seemingly too large for her head, she was essentially a little humanoid puppy. Queen Eleanor looked back up to her husband unsure if he was satisfied.

Marchosias remained silent, staring at the newborn without a word. After a long moment he smiled revealing his fanged and sharped teeth, “She’s absolutely perfect!” he hugged and kissed his Queen. The two rulers decided to name their new firstborn daughter Wite.

In the coming weeks Wite’s ears finished developing, allowing her to hear the voice of her mother and father for the first time, her eyes finally opened and were the same as her fathers. As Wite grew, she never crawled but instead learned to walk on all fours, and before long she was able to stand and walk on two legs. Her snow white hair grown out and was voluminous and beautiful like her mothers, but was white instead of jet-black, a rather strange trait as nether parent had white colored hair.

At an early age, Queen Eleanor allowed Wite to begin training, to learn and control her blood magic, as well as beginning her education. Wite’s capabilities developed quicker than any of her peers and surpassing many of her teachers. Her intelligence and craftiness was nothing to be ignored, outwitting and killing her first would-be assassin from the Empire of Sin at a young age. Wite’s rapid growth and development of her power and abilities were believed to be the result of her being the Heiress to the Empire and from superior breeding, she was shaping up to be a perfect ferocious and vicious Heiress.
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    Just realized Wite's education was similar to Azumi's.
    Jan 28, 2020
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