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Pokemon Warcraft Prequel: PWP Leo 2

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Rising through the ranks!
Useless. That's the word that was used to describe Leo by his team leader in the army. He was told that there was no such thing as a combat mage and much less a light one. Then Leo began to shine. He was the top of his group, on everything. He was the first newbie to be assigned his own team and his first mission.
There was a group of rebels attacking the borders of Kelan and Creel. Leo's team went to investigate. To their misfortune, it was a group of giants, something they were completey unprepared for and were wiped out.

Report 4747

Day 1
We have sent a rescue team to aid Leo's squad. This team is to arrive in 2 days, hopefully they can hold their own against the giants for that long.
Day 3
The following was discovered when we reached the point of rescue:
Fourteen dead and one survivor, Leo, the team captain.
Eight dead giants and no survivor.
The team leader Leo had buried all the bodies and done the appropriate burial ceremonies for both parties. When asked what happened, this is what he said "By the time I took out the third giant, the others had finished off by squadron. I offered the remaining giants a chance to surrender and they refused to by attacking me. I had no choice but to act in self defense for which I am terribly sorry I couldn't save anyone."
Leo requested flowers be sent to the families of his comrades and enemies as an apology for their loss.
The word about the light combat mage taking out a group of giants on his own quickly spread. Leo flew up the ranks quickly and the King soon requested for him to join the Grand Court. His flawless record and great personality made him the most popular and lovable Kelian ever known. His days in the Grand Court were amazing, he even managed to convince Azumi to go on a date. Then, he was sent on his last mission.
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  1. Cmeriwether
    Rest in Peace, Leo, You might even come across Augustus Dracolore.
    Feb 25, 2020
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  2. RenzFlintrock
    RIP Leo, one of the greatest mages ever known to Kelan.
    Feb 5, 2020
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