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Pokemon Warcraft Prequel: PWP Azumi

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro The story of the Queen of Kelan.
"Isn't she beautiful?" Elizabeth, a young woman with long light blonde hair and dark blue eyes, held up the baby in her arms towards King Henry.
The King gently took the baby girl and held her in his arms. "Ah yes, just like her mother. Worthy of being my Goddaughter!" His laughter boomed through the room. The young Queen leaned closed and looked at the baby. "Oh Elizabeth she is beautiful. You should have her marry my son, when I have one." King Henry nodded and then frowned. "I'm sorry your daddy isn't here little girl. He is making sure those Creelians stay away from our land." He smiled as the baby yawned. "She is a very calm child. Did Froppo tell you her element yet?"
Elizabeth nodded. "Yes, water. I've also decided she will choose her own Pokemon partner. I appreciate the offer, but I want her to forge her own path."
The Queen nodded and smiled. "That's wonderful. I don't care what she chooses, I will love her like my own, right Henry?"
King Henry laughed. "Well, not like I have any other choice. She looks like you, she will probably be a great healer!"

As the years passed, the baby named Azumi grew older. She was a child version of her mother, which had many high society people asking for an arranged marriage, but her mother and father refused. At the age of two, Azumi received a certain Pokemon egg, that hatch into a lovely Ralts. The two spent everyday together, many times getting lost in the royal garden. One day, Azumi returned with a wooden sword she got from some stranger. She loved the sword and quickly her passion had been recognized. Because of this, her mother's Lucario was assigned to guard the two.

Two years later, her parents and godparents were sent to a meeting with the leaders of the world. Unfortunately, they were attacked by a group of rebels. Her father returned, with the look of a defeated man, the look of a man who lost his soulmate. During the funeral, young Azumi did not understand what was going on, she even tried to fight off the people burying her mother. After losing her mother and godmother, Azumi was trained and educated by her father.
  1. RenzFlintrock
    Agreed... this is almost as sad as Sam... >~<
    Jan 25, 2020
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  2. ThePlayfulFox
    That's so sad... at least she still has her father, for now...
    Jan 25, 2020
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