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Pokemon Warcraft Prequel: PWP Azumi 3

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro The last part of Azumi's story leading up to the beginning of Pokemon Warcraft.
Mages, warriors, Pokemon, schoolers, ninjas, there was all kinds of people in the Academy. But there was one freshman who caught the attention of everyone's eye as she walked the school grounds. That was the young and beautiful goddaughter of King Henry, Azumi. The idea was for her to learn to socialize with others and learn teamwork. But Azumi couldn't bring herself to understand everyone else. They either feared or envied her. There were some exceptions though.
Victoria, the senior and best swordman of the entire school, had found out about Azumi's passion for sword fighting and so, she made it her goal to prove that she was superior to the King's favorite. She challenged the young Azumi to a duel to prove she was superior. Azumi, who's pride had no limits, accepted without thinking twice. Then there was Leo.
The prodigy light mage, who went from zero to hero, the favorite of the famous Froppo and voted nos likely to be part of the Grand Court, Leo. This young boy fell for Azumi the first day he saw her, just like many others. The only difference, was that he was not afraid of talking to her. He got shot down multiple times, to the point were it was a normal routine. Despite being rejected, he spent most of his time with his dear Azumi and her friend with the scythe, a girl Azumi had defended and became inseparable ever since.
When the day of the duel came, the whole school attended. The fight between the two great swordsman was probably the best ever recorded in the history of the school. Towards the end something happened though. It seemed that at one point Victoria swung with full strength and it seemed that Azumi's perfect stance was able to stop it. But after the impact, she awkwardly fell back, meaning she had lost the fight. Everyone, including Victoria, doubted what the actual results had been. Some say Azumi didn't want to embarrass a senior and fell back on purpose, while others say she was too tired and decided to just admit defeat. The answer was never really known.
As the years went on, the trio of Azumi, Sam and Leo became popular. The three began helping younger students and then taking missions as a school club from local shops and citizens. The feeling of meeting new people and helping made Azumi decide that she wanted her own guild one day. Soon Leo went on to join the army and Samantha decided to travel before joining Azumi's guild.
As soon as the blonde streak, Azumi's nickname from her fighting style, graduated from the Academy, she opened the guild Stormbreakers. She watched as the construction of her guild house took place and then checked the first two applications she received.
"Emma Fysts? It doesn't sound like someone I would get along with." Azumi's blue eyes scanned the documents. "An assassin? She sounds terribly mean."
Nana giggled as she watched the documents.
"You're right, they might not even stick around that much." Azumi petted Anakin, her Lucario. "This is still way better than being Queen."
  1. Hecotoro
    Jan 28, 2020
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  2. RenzFlintrock
    How did I miss seeing this earlier?
    Jan 28, 2020
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  3. ThePlayfulFox
    Little did she know Emma became her best friend...
    Jan 28, 2020
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  4. EmoKitty21
    I loved the part about meantioning Sarah who sounds mean. Sassy maybe, but never mean. I love how much you have put into this.
    Jan 28, 2020