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Pokemon Warcraft Prequel: PWP Azumi 2

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro The second part in case that wasn't clear. It will show how Azumi grew up being around loyalty and having her father as her tutor.
"Your sword is too low and your stand is slightly off. One could have easily over powered you and taken you down." General Towers tapped Azumi's knees with his wooden sword. "You also didn't see the rock behind, you could have tripped and lost your head."
Azumi nodded and fixed her stand.
"Good, that's better. On guard!" He yelled out.
His sword swung quickly towards his six year old daughter, who blocked it, but was too weak to take such a powerful swing. She fell on her bottom. Nana, the Ralts, giggled. Azumi looked at her annoyed. "You can't do it better!" The young girl got up and took her stance again. A young Riolu stood next to Nana, who had become her guardian after his mother passed away along with her master. The day continued this way, for months and then years.
Young Azumi turned ten years of age, now handling real swords. Her stance was perfect now but her father insisted she took healing classes. Because of her element, healer was a great option and Azumi couldn't refuse the opportunity to follow her mother's footsteps. Healing during the morning and sword practice during the afternoon. Azumi was so absorbed in her duties, she rarely socialized. Except for this one boy who sent love letters to her, but they were mostly burned and she never replied back.
Azumi soon turned twelve. She quit healing school, she hated it and the thought of losing time for her sword training was something she didn't like. Her father and godfather disapproved, but they knew better than to try and force the passionate Azumi. The high society people were now more concern as to who she would marry. Being the closest relative to the King, her husband would be someone important, not some criminal or irresponsible ladies man. But Azumi avoided the conversation at all times and her father defended her. Soon she had to face her biggest challenge, the Academy.
  1. RenzFlintrock
    I see the nod at Wes, there. A nice touch.
    Jan 26, 2020
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  2. ThePlayfulFox
    Dun dun dun! And she makes a friend, as we all know!
    Jan 26, 2020