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Pokemon Warcraft Alternative Endings: PW AE Wrecker

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Pokemon Warcraft Alternative Ending involving the proud fighter, Wrecker.
It had been about 120 years since the incident. The kingdom of Kelan had fallen along with it's neighboring countries. The Empire ruled everything and everyone. The living conditions for those who were acquired after the war were poor. There were very few survivors from the ones who stood up against the Empire before it's take over, including the earth master Wrecker. He had settled down, finally, living in the wastelands, which used to be green grassy fields of near the Kelian capital.

Wrecker worked the farm like he always did. He made sure the Miltanks and his one Tauros, were fine and fed. He managed the crops and kept everything in check. He sighed and sat down on the old rocking chair in front of his house. He scratched his gray beard and cleaned the sweat from his wrinkled eyes. He looked at his land proudly, a routine he did after a hard days work. The noise old door opened and a woman came out, she had dark brown hair, peaceful eyes and a tanned skin. She had a tray with a glass of lemonade and stood next to her husband.
"You've done a great job." She said with a soft smoothing voice. "The kids are getting dinner ready, make sure to wash your hands and face."
Wrecker grinned, the same smile he always had on his face, as he took the glass of lemonade and chugged it down. "I'm thinking of teaching Jerry how to run the farm. He is old enough to start learning now."
His wife smiled back. "That's a good idea, he just sits there reading all day and that won't get you anywhere these days."

Wrecker got up, cracked his back and placed his arm around his wife's shoulders. Just when they were about to go in, Wrecker stopped. "I almost forgot to go sell them potatoes." He chuckled as he picked up a nearby sack and threw it over his shoulder. "I'll be back before you can get them kids to settle down for dinner." He kissed his wife and set off.

The big man walked down the road as the sun began to set in the mountains far away. He looked around as some Pokemon flew by, going to their nests before the night set upon them. After a long walk, Wrecker reached a small town and entered the local supplies store. The bell chimed as he walked through the door and an old small mall looked up at him and smiled.
"I was wondering if you were going to make it, I was just about to close." He smiled weakly.
Wrecker set the sack down next to a few others containing different vegetables. "Got caught up in the farm. Was about to have dinner too, then I noticed the potatoes. Can't afford to make mistakes now a days. Kids gotta eat and I gotta work."
The old man laughed, coughed and then chuckled. "True true. Well the price for potatoes went up, so you get a little more today. Maybe buy some candies for your three little devil's?"
Wrecker walked over to the counter and crossed his arms, shaking his head. "The wife would be very upset. Throw in a chocolate for her."
The old man grabbed a jar and began putting small colorful candies into it. "Chocolate? Oh what a lucky lady. A hard working man like you, would've loved the old days, before the Empire, my father said these lands were beautiful and the people in the capital had a great life."
Wrecker smirked. "You don't say."
The old man grabbed the longest chocolate bar and placed it in the bag. "One day someone is gonna take out that good for nothing king and everything will be good once again, just you watch."
Wrecker laughed, his booming voice scaring the bird Pokemon outside. "I hope so, don't lose hope old man."

Wrecker took his pay and candies, hanged them on his belt and left the store. As he turned to head back his eyes caught the site of a terrible thing, black smoke. It was in the direction of his farm. He ran as fast as he could, his eyes getting watery. The Empire was at his home, where his loved ones were.
  1. RenzFlintrock
    You know, this reminds me of Thanos is so may ways. Aaaand that ending is a surprising cliffhanger. Good job, and I fully expect you to make another so we can find out what happens. (And maybe give some details on his family)
    Mar 3, 2020
    Hecotoro likes this.