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The Great Pokemon Escape: Put Into Solitary

by King Miles

King Miles This is About A 28 Year Old Man Named Isaac Who Is In Pokemon Jail. He And His Golbat, Goller Must escape This Prison
Isaac Woke Up By The Sound Of Goller Because It Was Morning Rolecall And He Could Be In Big Trouble Then He And Goller Hurried To The Middle Of The Jail. Then The Officer Jennies Introduced Isaac And Goller "Prisoners, This Is Our New Inmate Isaac and Goller. Said One Of The Officer Jennies. Isaac And Goller Were Standing Next To A Lady Who Had A Xatu And Was Talking To The New Inmate "Hey,Newbie." Said The Lady To Issac "Oh,Hey." said Isaac back To The Lady,"I'm Isaac." Said Issac "I'm Emily." said Emily To Isaac.Then The Prison Bell Rang For Breakfast Then Isaac,Goller,Emily And Her Xatu Went To Breakfast With The Other Inmates. When They Arrived They Sat Ate Then Did their Jobs Then Went To The Gym Isaac And Goller Worked On Their speed While Emily And Her Xatu Were Working On Their Strength Then It Was Shower Time Isaac And Emily switched Into The Male And female showers And Goller And Emily's Xatu Into The Male And Female Pokemon Shower Then It Was Light's Out Then Isaac And Goller Said Good Night To Emily And Her Xatu And Went To Bed

to Be Continued
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