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Purity: Flare

by Skyy-chan

Skyy-chan (Part 2 of 4) Purity, a trainer wandering the base of Mt.Silver, happens to run into a unhealthy Pokemon.
Purity ran into the freezing grasses at the base of the perlious mountain. "How could a-any Pokemon live here?!" Purity stated. In fact, many Pokemon lived there. Even small, light-coated Pokemon lived there. Just then, Purity had tripped over a warm figure while walking. The figure gave a heavy moan, then had a small twitch. Purity then looked over to the burgundy coated creature, then immediately recognized it. "Oh my Arceus!" Purity immediately got up, and picked up the small Vulpix. She rushed the poisoned Vulpix quickly to the Pokemon center nearby. She barged into the Pokemon center, startling all other trainers inside. The Nurse Joy there quickly saw the Vulpix, and took the small thing to the Pokemon ER. The cause of poisoning was from toxic, then a sludge bomb. The Pokemon who had caused it was unknown. (Not the Pokemon, you dingos! Continue on.)
When the Vulpix hastily woke up, Purity smiled. "I think I'll call you Flare. I hope we'll be best buddies!"
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  1. AloeFauna
    Oooohhh my god. I think I killed Kenny this is so horrible and clichè.
    (I'm a bastard T.T)
    Mar 19, 2014