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Purity: Darrel

by Skyy-chan

Skyy-chan (Part 1 of 4) the story of when Purity, a picnicking trainer, happens to run into a certain Starly.
Purity laid out the red and white plaid blanket. Oh, how she loved these days. In the early mornings, the dew on the leaves glisten, and the Bellossom and Sunflora dance in the nourishing sun. Purity carefully plopped the basket onto the blanket, and sat down onto the blanket, next to the basket. Purity started humming a infamous song that had been going around, and pulled out her lunch. She absolutely LOVED Sitrus and Cornn berry sandwitches, which was a odd combo. A certain Starly nearby also liked the odd combo. Before Purity knew it, half of her sandwitch was already in the Starly's beak. Purity laughed. "I guess we already have something in common. I guess I'll name you Darell, you silly bird." The Starly seemed to reply with a smile. Covered in berry juice, apparently.
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  1. AloeFauna
    This is one of the four stories explaining the ways Purity met her Pokemon. First up, is Darrel the Starly. (I know, I spelt Darrel wrong in the story T.T) Next is Flare the Vulpix!
    Mar 18, 2014