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Puella Magi: Kyubey's Return chp.1 draft

by Skyy-chan

Skyy-chan Draft of Chapter one of latest novel. Will edit tomorrow, battery is dying!

*Edit: Edited! Fixed a few wrong name spellings and put bold for the title and italics for the chapter.
Puella Magi: Kyubey's Return
Chapter One: The Chance
Serina gazed upon the white cat-like creature that sit before her. It's tail slowly moved back and forth, and without moving its mouth, it spoke.

"In exchange for one wish, you can form a contract with me and become a Magical Girl!" The creature's red, staring eyes pierced through hers, and Serina nodded weakly in her condition.

Her and her family were in a car crash, Serina had no time to think.
Serina groaned in pain, then quickly whispered.
"P-please! Regain what I have lost! Regenerate what has been hurt!"

"Very well than!" The creature beamed.

Serina softly yelped has she felt a sharp pain in her chest, like something was softly being pulled out. She saw a teal gem shaped like and egg, encased in gold , softly glow in front of her. It gently drifted down, and slowly landed in her palms.
  1. Skyy-chan
    The name of the egg thing is a Soul Gem. It contains the Magical Girl's soul, or magical powers. Maybe if you look up on the PMMM wiki you'll get more info :p
    Jul 24, 2014
  2. voidaquariums
    What's the name of that egg thing?
    Jul 10, 2014
  3. Vaporeonn
    I think you should put 'She' instead of 'Her' in the 2nd paragaph, and 'then' instead of 'than' in the 3rd.
    But this sure is interesting!
    Jun 10, 2014