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PSS Icons- All of my OCs

by Nidocool

Nidocool In total I have 7 Pokemon Trainer OCs, 1 per region. So, I decided to make PSS icons of them. In order by region, they are;
Kanto- Rosalyn Greenwalt (Blue's cousin)
Johto- Elizabeth Oleson
Hoenn- Karen Stone (Steven's twin sister)
Sinnoh- Tiana Caspers (Relative of Maxie.)
Unova- Annie Parkinson (Crazy Snake Lady)
Kalos- Amber Bast (Robin Hood fan)
Alola- Winnifred Ka'Uhane
Who is your favourite?
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  1. Kaben and Madeleine
    Kaben and Madeleine
    Karen stone because I love the idea of Steven having a sister
    May 23, 2016