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Protectors of the Crown: Protectors of the Crown: Chapter 1- The Unforgettable Meeting

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest Amethyst is thrown into this world as a Pokemon! She struggles with the ins and outs of her new life, but with a stranger who gives his conpassion to her, maybe she'll make it.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Protectors of the Crown Chapter 1

The cold ground bit at the Pokemon as she tried to regain consciousness. The breeze whistled through the the canopy of leaves above her, but not another sound was present. "Who are you! I demand you answer me!" Someone screeched. The voice was masculine, but it had a hint of immaturity it and the tone was dripping with pure terror. In her own fear, the Pokemon attempted to stand, but ultimately ended up in the same place where she started; on the ground.

Suddenly the attitude of the voice became less terrified and had concern laced instead. "Wait... Are you ok? What attacked you?" 'How was I attacked? Who did it? Why... Why is it so hard to remember? My name... My name is Amethyst. That's what the voice called me.' She thought. Finally her eyes flickered open and Amethyst observed as an Umbreon bounded over to her in two graceful leaps. "I... I don't remember. Honestly." She stuttered feeling a slight burst of fear. Amethyst struggled to stand once more and this time made it to her feet... "Wait...paws!?"

Amethyst felt a surge of energy and jumped backwards in surprise. When she looked down at her feet, she didn't see five toes, nor did she see any shoes of any kind. Her mind was so trained on figuring out what her name was that she didn't notice that she was lying in a weird position; for a human at least. For the first time in these few moments of memory loss, Amethyst noticed that she had not two, but four legs. The weirdest part was that these paws were pink, not any normal color. "Of course you have paws silly! You're an Espeon. It's not like you would have feet." The Umbreon mused, watching Amethyst's reaction.

As if someone knocked her over, Amethyst fell. She didn't feel dizzy, all she did was try to move forwards. "Why is it so hard to walk?" Amethyst asked to herself. "Well, for starters you didn't move your back legs. You look like you were born yesterday." The Umbreon joked as he moved closer to Amethyst. Gently he helped the clumsy Espeon to her paws and grinned. "Here, like this." He demonstrated slowly in a fun manner, almost as if he wasn't serious. However Amethyst watched him intently as he moved one front leg, and then the back. It was a simple pattern -she had noticed- but that wouldn't make it any easier to do it.

Together, the Stranger Umbreon and Amethyst learned how to walk, all in good fun to the Umbreon, but a valuable lesson to Amethyst. "Ok, now that I can move normally, why did you seem scared when you found me?" Amethyst asked, sitting down smoothly. The Umbreon cocked his head and looked confused. "Well, I was traveling to Lake town, but then a bright light flashed in front of me. I thought it was a one time thing, so I went on." The Umbreon's gaze darkened at the next part. "But it kept following me. It constantly flashed at me. Then I started to run and the light flashed over you. Now it's gone. It was so strange." The Umbreon noted something in his head, but his emotions revealed nothing to Amethyst.

"I wonder what it was. I'm sorry I frightened you... Wait... I never asked your name." Amethyst looked at the Umbreon intently. If the Umbreon was worried about her knowing him, he sure didn't show it. "Onyx. Nice to meet you Amethyst." The Umbreon introduced himself with a slight nod of his head. "Well, I'm sorry to bother you. You probably need to go somewhere." Amethyst looked up at the sky, her bright purple eyes glowing in the soft shade of the canopy of leaves. "Well I was heading somewhere. I'll see you later Amethyst!" Onyx stood up and shook out his fur. Amethyst watched as he padded away. 'What now? Where do I go? I can't be stranded in a world of Pokemon...' She thought, eyes still on Onyx. The Umbreon turned to look at Amethyst, wondering why she was still watching him. Feeling bad for the confused Espeon he turned back around. "Hey... Do you want to come with me?" Onyx asked, making her face light up. "Yes! Yes, thank you." Amethyst smiled as she gracefully bounded over to Onyx.

The forest was beautiful. Amethyst looked around in awe as the greenery spread out before her. The trees were a bright green, so it must be summer. The trail was a light brown; the color of dust with rocks here and there. Beyond the trees she could see Pokemon at play, Sentret, Caterpie, and she even saw a Hoothoot trying to find a dark spot to sleep. Onyx could only laugh at the expressions flashing on Amethyst's face. "Anyone would think that you haven't seen Breezy Forest before! Oh, here it is now." In front of her stood a small sign, warning travelers that beyond that point they are entering a Mystery Dungeon. "Onyx, what is a Mystery Dungeon?" Amethyst asked wondering why they were so dangerous that a warning was put in place. "A Mystery Dungeon is a disorder that pops up in different places on the planet. They have a certain length to them, but each time you enter the layout is completely different. The Pokemon who live there are enraged and violent for some reason, but they can leave if they wish." Onyx explained.

"So if we enter here, I might have to fight." Amethyst's eyes grew concerned. "Well yes... But you're an Espeon. You're way stronger than the enemies we would encounter in this dungeon. I mean...oh..." Onyx paused at Amethyst's gaze. "I had to teach you to walk..." The Umbreon's voice trailed. "Well, I can do most of the fighting. Don't worry. It won't be that hard. I was going to have to fight this alone anyways so, I'll just have to watch you too!" Onyx sounded enthusiastic, but Amethyst caught more than just the happy tone. A hint of worry was concealed in the corner of that sentence causing Amethyst to doubt whether or not Onyx had the situation under control.

Before Amethyst could protest, Onyx dashed into the Dungeon, leaving the Espeon to make a decision. Quickly she followed. The Dungeon was hardly different than the regular forest. The same bright green leaves and sunlight wafting onto the trail. The first difference came up as soon as the trail ended. Amethyst eyed the thick underbrush surrounding a small clearing with more trails leading out from different sides. "What is this? It's so carefully planned out. This can't possibly shift around." Amethyst commented as she padded to the middle of the clearing. "Amethyst! Watch out!" Onyx called. Out of no where a cloud of purple dust flew towards her. Onyx barreled into the Espeon to prevent Amethyst from coming in contact with the purple cloud, and both were spared from the effects of the cloud.

"Of course the first Pokemon we run into is a Shroomish." Onyx grumbled as he jumped off of Amethyst. The Espeon was in a small state of shock, but she quickly recovered and sat up. "What was that?" She cried in confusion as she watched Onyx leap at the Shroomish. The Umbreon spun mid-air and hit the Shroomish square on the head with an Iron Tail. The Shroomish's eyes grew wide in pain and fled down one of the trails. "That was a Poison Powder. If you're touched by that, you'll get poisoned." Onyx stated proudly in a matter-o-factly way. "Poison Powder? I'll be poisoned? Surprise Surprise!" Amethyst joked as she shook off her dust coated fur. Her eyes were swimming with amusement and hilarity, but that was valuable knowledge for this Mystery Dungeon, and Amethyst recognized it too.

Onyx led the way from that point forward. He padded in front of Amethyst as they traveled down yet another winding trail. "Onyx, how long is this trail? We've been walking for absolutely ages!" Amethyst commented as the duo continued down the path. "We're almost there... See? Pass that clearing and we'll be out." Onyx allowed Amethyst slide in next to him to see down the trail despite the narrowness of the shady path. What Onyx said was true. Past the clearing ahead there was a large open field that couldn't possibly be part of the Mystery Dungeon because it was under the open sky. "Great! Let's get going." Amethyst chirped happily. The Espeon took the lead, trotting bravely into the clearing. Nothing could go wrong, they were almost there!

Except things did go wrong. Amethyst padded a few steps into the clearing, just enough for Onyx to walk next to her. A small rustle of the bushes nearby alerted Onyx, but he pushed down the thought of attack as soon as it had aroused. The Umbreon paused before taking a few more steps, allowing an excited Amethyst to make a few feet's distance between them. Onyx's gaze traveled slowly around the silent underbrush; until he saw a small flash of green and red. "Amethyst! In the bushes!" He called, but the attack was already sprung. Out of the bushes two Breloom and the Shroomish from earlier jumped out simultaneously launching the Poison Powder attack, resulting in a large cloud of purple to surround Amethyst. Onyx couldn't do anything unless he too wanted to become poisoned.

Amethyst's eyes widened as the purple cloud enveloped her. She expected to feel instant pain that rolled on her stomach and constantly nagged at her head, but pain never came. A small, round film seemed to protect the Espeon as she watched on in confusion. No more than thirty seconds passed before the cloud of poisonous substances were blown back at the Breloom and the Shroomish. Amethyst felt fine, as if nothing but the wind attacked her. The surprised Grass/Fighting types reeled back in shock as their own attack was deflected back at them. It felt like ages to the Espeon, but in a matter of seconds a light purple look tinted their green bodies and they fled back into the bushes in fear.

Onyx stared in wonder at his newfound friend. "How... How in the world did you do that?" Amethyst turned with a similar shocked look on her face. "I earnestly have no idea Onyx, I'm sorry." The duo simply stared at one another for quite a few seconds before snapping out of their stunned states. "Alright... Passed here is Lake Town; home to the most powerful guild on the Lake continent!" Onyx jumped excitedly as Amethyst watched the Umbreon in amusement. "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go!" She exclaimed. The Espeon dashed right after Onyx out of Breezy Forest. Amethyst had to stop momentarily to allow her eyes to adjust to the noon sun.

The plains outside Breezy forest were seemingly endless and Amethyst couldn't believe how blue the sky was. A few small clouds dotted the blue canvas over their heads. The bright sun was unimaginably warm and comfortable, unlike the cool shade of the forest. Amethyst turned to Onyx who was already bouncing down the trail to a town in the distance. From afar, the town was very small and quiet, but nonetheless it was as beautiful as the rolling hills around it. A large sparkling lake laid in the center of the town, glinting the sun off of its silky surface. Amethyst was purely amazed at to how she could tell that from the distance she was from Lake Town, but she quickly decided to leave the pondering for later and dashed down the trail to catch up to Onyx.

"Why were you just randomly asleep in the forest?" Onyx asked as they grew closer to Lake Town. "Randomly asleep? That's a light way to put it." Amethyst replied, cocking her head to one side and trying to think about what happened before she met Onyx. 'Well, all I remember is being a human. I know I was a human and that's just about it.' She thought. 'But there isn't a single human that I've seen so far in this world. I can't just flat out tell Onyx that I'm a human.' Amethyst obviously looked like she was debating so Onyx gave a small frown. "Do you remember? Or maybe a touchy subject?" He suggested to no avail. The Umbreon dropped the subject as quickly as he caught it. Amethyst felt bad for not responding, but there was no way Onyx would believe her if she told him she was a human. "Maybe one day it will come back to me." She said, hopefully making the silence less awkward.

Amethyst was knocked clean out of her thoughtful state as soon as she stepped foot onto the cobblestone of Lake Town. The seemingly peaceful and quiet town from afar was bustling with activity and noise. Yet one thing stayed the same from her observations from earlier, Lake Town was gorgeous. A town common-place was built on top of the large lake in the center, and many Pokemon were smart enough to set up stores there. Shops selling berries and scarves were seen from every direction, and there were a few unique ones that seemed very popular. Two Kecleons ran a store with a large display of items, not only the scarves and berries but small disks and round blue orbs. Sitting next to the shop was a small purple box with elaborate locks on it. Amethyst could only watch in amazement as all different Pokemon opened the box and pulled out different items as if it had been left undisturbed. There was a large café in the town square as well with Pokemon of all kinds walked in and out of the large building and smiled at one another as if they had known each other for their whole life.

Onyx mused at the amazed Espeon and then prodded her with his paw on her shoulder. "Come on. This is not the reason why I came here." The Umbreon padded to the other side of the floating commons and his eyes lit up at what he saw. Amethyst followed his gaze to a large waterfall that had a darker spot near the base of the crashing water. Onyx proceeded to move forwards and walked along the side of the calm stream that fed into Lake Town. The roar of the waterfall grew louder as Amethyst grew closer, and she found that pinning her ears down helped muffle the sound. Now that she was closer, Amethyst noticed that the waterfall was emerging from a large pillar that rose up from the ground. Behind it there were more of the huge pillars. "The Waterfall Highlands sure are cool up close!" Onyx shouted over the crashing of the waterfall. Amethyst could only nod to respond in her awe. The whole sight was breathtakingly beautiful. Onyx padded to a small cave behind the waterfall by using a small path of rock.

Onyx and Amethyst nodded at one another before walking into the cave. "Visitors! Visitors! Quick! Everyone clean up this mess! Scout! That means you need to take your Petrify Orb and put it in your room!" "But... It's just an orb! I can keep it right?" "No, no! Just put it away!" "Aww, it's so shiny though..." "Wait... Scout! Don't touch it! Ahhh!" A loud 'bling' sound echoed throughout the hallway an multiple voice shrieked and others groaned. Onyx stared at Amethyst in complete confusion. The duo carefully padded further down the tunnel which was somehow lit. Finally they reached a circular room with a spiraling staircase in the back. There were windows all around the room that let in pretty streams of light. Those details slipped the mind of Amethyst as she stared at what looks to have been a huge commotion. A Furret was holding an orb -similar to the ones she saw earlier in the store fronts- but it was a dull grey color. Around the normal type a Staraptor, Shuckle, Pikachu, Poochyena, and Emolga were frozen in place.

The Staraptor had his beak open and wings spread as if he were ready to scold someone, most likely the Furret. A Shuckle nearby had one yellow arm reaching out as if he wanted to take an obnoxious toy from a baby who was misusing it. The Poochyena, Pikachu and Emolga were in a circle over by a large Request Board, but all had a worried look on their faces except for the Pikachu, who had his hand on his head in an embarrassed way. "Hello?" Onyx called into the room. "Hello kind visitors! What can I do for you today?" Replied the Furret completely ignoring the petrified Pokemon surrounding him. "Uhh, I would like to talk to your Guild Master please." Onyx said slowly as if any sudden movements would petrify him too. "Oh! Mrs. Mei? That will work. Faye! Izzy! Tell Mei that she has visitors!" Chirped the Furret. "Oh! I forgot to introduce myself! I am Scout of Team Whirl. Faye and Izzy are my teammates."

"That's nice. I'm Onyx. Pleasure to meet you Scout." The Umbreon glanced at Amethyst to make sure she made herself known as well. "Hi Scout! I'm Amethyst, Great to meet you!" The Espeon chirped happily. Scout turned as a Floette flew down from the spiral staircase, completely skipping a whole rotation of stairs. Soon after a Jigglypuff climbed down followed by a stunningly beautiful Lopunny. One glance around the room and the Lopunny smiled. "Scout, I told you that the Petrify Orb is for dungeons, not to prank your guild mates." She laughed, using Refresh around the room healing all of the petrified Pokemon. As soon as the Staraptor was free to move again, a scowl formed on his face. "Scout! I told you that this would happen if you didn't put that orb away." The large bird scolded folding his wings. All of the noise subsided as soon as the Lopunny raised her hand for attention.

"Hello Onyx, Amethyst. I am Mei, the Guildmaster here. How may I help you?" The Lopunny asked sweetly as she made signals with her hands. Soon all the Pokemon dispersed except for the Shuckle, Staraptor and Mei herself. "I would like to join your guild. Would that be acceptable?" Onyx asked looking up at the model-perfect Lopunny. "Ah yes. Of course you may join! Is your friend joining you? You must form a team of at least two because none of the other teams have room to include another member." Mei responded, her long ears twitching as a crash came from up the stairs. 'Am I going to join Onyx? Is this the reason why I'm here?' Amethyst felt all eyes on her, the deciding moment has come.

"Yes. I will join Onyx."
  1. EspeonTheBest
    No problem Umbreon! I was scared that you wouldn't like how upbeat he was, so that's what I said he was a warped version of Dusk.
    Dec 1, 2015
  2. _Umbreon_
    Thanks for making him slightly up going ! Never really got to have a really happy RP.
    Dec 1, 2015
  3. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    This. Is. AWESOME! Can't wait for the next chapter! I'll get writing tonight.
    Nov 30, 2015
  4. EspeonTheBest
    So, yeah.
    @Twilight Nova The Poochyena is a warped version of Spencer
    @JacobRaze The Pikachu is a warped version of Sparky
    @_Umbreon_ Onyx is a warped version of Dusk
    @Eeveechu151 I haven't thought of putting your characters in, but you said something about a crossover, so read up and wait for right now.
    Nov 30, 2015
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