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Prompt 1

by N E G A N

N E G A N A double agent who goes by two aliases has been assigned by a country to kill his alias on the other side.
The collection of files sat on the sleek black desk owned by the large man in the business suit. This man was a leader. A President. A man loved by all under his command. But only those could love him, even though sometimes they didn't. The People's Republic of Korea, or just 'North Korea' as most people put it, was under the leadership of Kim Jong-un. The World saw him as a threat, and a threat he was, at only 33 years old. But lately, Kim Jong-un had been worried. Many assassins from other Countries had attempted to take him out, so Kim Jong-un did his research and discovered an American mercenary who would take any job, and wasn't an expensive man. Ths, Kim Jong-un liked. A man who could protect him AND not require much pay.
Today, Kim Jong-un returns to the Capital after having just seen off the new American President, Donald Trump. IF Kim Jong-un could play his cards right, he could keep President Trump from trying anything stupid against the People's Republic of Korea. His gun for hire had been off in the distance. Having never received word to assassinate President Trump, he did not, but if he were asked to, he'd need to make sure his pay was tripled. Tobias Murth was the best at what he did. He was calm, stoic, and lethal. A real force to be reckoned with. His only competition was a man called Daniel Fletcher. The other was Tobias' equal, and rival, but little did anyone know, that Tobias and Daniel are both the same man, under two separate aliases. Hal Jacobson was his real name, but he'd almost forgotten that the man existed. He'd always been too busy playing the role of two separate guns for hire. Kim Jong-un was returning to the capital, and Tobias could feel his phone buzzing. Quickly pulling it out, he checked it to find that he'd received and e-mail from... President Vladimir Putin. What could Russia possibly want with... wait, this is Daniel's phone he's using now. The mercenary used different voices for his roles. A deep, gruff, emotionless voice for Tobias and a smooth, cold, chilling voice for Daniel. Nobody had ever connected the two, and he was too smart to allow them to trace either of his tiny phones. He pulled out his Toby Phone and immediately contacted Kim Jong-un, informing the North Korean President that he had to take care of business elsewhere, and would return shortly. Kim Jong-un wasn't pleased, but allowed Tobias to do so without question. Like if he said 'no' Toby would have stopped. What a laugh.

Vladimir Putin had a lot on his mind lately. He had made a lot of claims, and many of those had not benefited Soviet Russia in any way. He was trying to stay on President Trump's best side. He needed America as an ally when the time comes. Not like he couldn't crush America if they became an enemy, but it'd be more reassuring to have Americans fighting on his behalf. Putin had sent a few mercenaries in secret to assassinate Kim Jong-un as he continued to grow and become more and more deadly. North Korea hadn't ceased in their bomb tests, and Putin was becoming worried that North Korea may try something bold and deadly. Putin tried to warn the United Nations, and as much as they believed him, they wouldn't take action. This pissed off Putin, but he did his best to keep cool. He'd gathered intel from his spies in North Korea that Kim Jong-un was under the protection of the world renown legendary mercenary, Tobias Murth. Doing some digging, Putin had found the man's rival. Somebody almost exactly like Toby, maybe even (hopefully) more deadly. Daniel Fletcher. The American mercenary was definitely intriguing to Putin, as he had less on him than the Toby fellow. Regardless, Putin immediately set up an appointment with the man to discuss business.
Daniel Fletcher entered the office of President Vladimir Putin. He found the 64-year-old waiting for him on a nice squashy arm chair. "Please, sit." Putin smiled, gesturing to a chair opposite him. Daniel obliged, moving into the chair in a fluid motion. "Pleased to meet you, Daniel Fletcher. I am Vladimir Putin, as you already know." Putin began, extending his hand. Daniel took it and shook, giving the President a nod. Vladimir leaned back into his chair. "I have been worried, as of late. North Korea has been gaining too much power, and becoming more deadly. Kim Jong-un has hired another extremely skilled mercenary like you to protect him. His name is Tobias Murth." Daniel feigned surprise at the mention of his alternate alias. Putin seemed pleased at his reaction, and continued. "I hire you to take out Tobias Murth and Kim Jong-un. I pay you in lots of money." Vladimir Putin continued, and Daniel gave a nod. "How much." He asked coldly, which seemed to throw off Putin, if even only for a second. "One million Ruples." He replied, and Daniel narrowed his eyes. "That's only around 1,800 US dollars." He was pleased. Kim Jong-un paid him 100,000 wons, which only equaled to about 90 US dollars. "Deal." Daniel nodded, extending his hand to Putin, who shook it. "Pleasure doing business with you."

Many would assume Hal had entered a pickle here, but it was simple, really. He pretends to assassinate Tobias Murth, and 'dispose' of his body, then assassinates Kim Jong-un. He gets his Ruples, exchanges them for US money, and continue being a mercenary. It was simple. Now, just to follow through with a plan like this. He continued to go over the plan in his mind. The simple sounding process was easier said than done. Putin may want cold hard evidence of the demise of Tobias Murth. Eventually, however, Hal came to his conclusion. He'd do what he needed to, in order to finish his job. He was being paid, after all. Now, down to work.


Sorry it's an incomplete story, but I figured I'd rather leave this on a cliffhanger so as to not give any type of ending and personally, I think it's better without an ending. I leave that to the imagination of all of you who read this.