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The New Clan Code: Prolouge

by JustARandomCanadian

There was two groups of cats near two rocks. A large black tomcat and a dusty brown tom.
"LeafClan! Speak now!" The black tomcat boomed. The dusty brown cat cleared his throat.
"We have sadly lost Ravenflight this moon. Our prey is getting low. Cats are getting ill because of a Greencough infection. That is all. Dusk?"
Dusk nodded. "Our clan is well. Prey is plentiful. We can bring you some, but only if you let us drink in the river, Thornstar." He hissed his name.
"Alright." Thornstar nodded. There was a brief moment of angry murmurs from LeafClan and FireClan.
"Silence!" Dusk yowled. The clans shut up immediately.
"FireClan has recently had a fire. Heh. That's ironic." Dusk chuckled. The cats of FireClan laughed along. LeafClan didn't.
"Ha ha." Thornstar rolled his eyes, "Very funny."
Dusk smirked at him. "And, some kits have been born last sunrise. Rabbit and Moxie. It's Rain's and Eel's."
A gray tom raised his head up proudly. Another gray cat, along with yellow and Gray kits, smirked and pushed him. The tomcat giggled. The kits sighed.
"Cool." Thornstar said sarcastically. LeafClan cats laughed like crazy.
"Not funny." Dusk scoffed.
"Sure. Anyways, I guess thats it for the first gathering."
"Yep. Come, FireClan."
"Come, LeafClan."
The two leaders escorted their clan away from the rocks. All that was left in the morning, was a small Rabbit.
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