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Shadows: Prolouge

by AmazingAmpharos

Red poked his orange head behind a stony corner, with a blastoise behind him. A few meters away from him, a pokemon with blue armour stood there, watching for any unwanted guests. Red turned his head towards the blastoise, beckoning him to come. The blastoise crept stealthily, pursuing the guard until he was right behind him. Soon after, the blastoise kicked it in the legs powerfully, making it tumble down to the ground. Before the guard could quickly retreat up, he stamped powerfully onto it's stomach, making it winded. Red swiftly ran over to the blastoise, he pulled away the heavy head amour, then Red snapped at it's neck, crimson red pooling the floor. ''Let's go now, or else they'll see us.'' Whispered the blastoise making sure no one heard him, then retreating down the hallway. They ran out to the dark open,. Even though Red have been here for a very long time, he never seen this part of the building before. When blastoise first moved, crying filled the air. ''Shit! We're as good as dead!'' Cursed Red, before running as fast as he could. Red ducked as a hyper beam almost hit his head. The guards drew nearer, as they rushed over to a cliff. Before Red ran nearer to the cliff, blastoise cried. ''Get o-ff m-'' The sentence was cut off when the guards grabbed him. Red looked back at him, worry flooding over him. ''Go.... Save yourself'' The blastoise's sentence trailed off when a mightyeana tried to snap at him. Red rushed over to the cliff, when suddenly it broke off and some guards fell into the oblivion. Instead of breaking off into the dark depths, it floated away from the dreaded prison. Even though Red got to his goal, his tears filled his face.
It's all my fault, After all this planning, this plan falls to crumbles. Red gave a long cry into the air, hoping the blastoise could hear him.