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Jotho: Prolouge, Jotho Journey

by Glitch Ghost

Glitch Ghost A story of three friends who embark on a journey
In Goldenrod, a young boy around 13 and an older man around 38 were standing side by side in a dark alleyway. The young boy saw a curious movement in the shadows. Then out of the shadows came a Sneasal. The boy was delighted to see the Sneasal and started playing with it.*

“Come on Prism.” the older man called as he walked away. He wore a fedora and a trench coat with the letter “R” on one of the trench coats pockets. He hid his face in the darkness not wanting to attract unwanted attention.*

“Wait for me, Dad!” The young boy ran and caught up to the older man. The young boy’s name was Prism. He had red hair that parted to the side. His eyes were blue and full of hope. he was also wearing a trench coat that had the same design of the older man’s but was missing the red “R” on the pocket.*

They walked down the shaded street only to stop to talk to some of people living there. Prism noticed a pattern with these people, they all had an association with crime wether it be a robber or a drug dealer. They respected Prism’s father. They finally arrived at their location, on the broken plate where the address was usually put there was a series of numbers, possibly the address. *

“Listen well, son” the older man started saying, “There are bad people in this world, and unfortunately, I’m one of them.”*

“What do you mean, Dad?” Prism asked, hoping that the talk they’re having isn’t what he thinks it is.*

“You will see soon.”*

The older man knocked on the door, knocking 3 times. The door opened and the clean cut face of a man around 21 appeared. “Who is i-“ The young man was shocked to see the older man and Prism at his door.*

“S-s-sir!” The young man stood at attention.*

“Rocko!” the older man yelled, but in a subtle way. “There is no need for that!”*

“S-s-sorry sir! I was just shocked to see you again! Especially after two years”*

“Rocko, I need for you to do one last mission.”*

It hit Prism as fast as a bullet train at maximum speed.*

“I need you to take care of my son.”*

Prism started to sniff. The older man kneeled down to his son. His son hugged his father tight, breaking out in tears. The older man shed a single tear. “Why do you leave me, Father?!” Prism cried. “Now, now, now, your to old for crying.” the older man said trying to hold back the tears. “Prism, I will explain to you when you are older. Until then I must leave you with my most trusted associate.” And without another word the older man disappeared into the darkness. Prism’s Sneasal tried cheering him up. “Come inside,” Rocko said “you don’t want to catch a cold.”

Later that night, Rocko let his Prism play with his Raticate. As Prism played with Raticate and Sneasal, Rocko made a bed for Prism. As we was preparing a guest room we thought to himself “Why’d Giovanni want me to take care of his kid?”


Prism was walking with Sneasal, which he named Snow, when he heard sirens. He quickly ran home. As he arrived police cars were everywhere. Prism saw Rocko, the only person he knew left, being escorted to a police car. “What’s going on?” Prism asked one of the officers. “We are arresting this man for having connections to Team Rocket.” The officer responded. But before Rocko was put in the car Rocko said to Prism, “Remember to take care of the cans in the fridge.” A code that was repeated to Prism in case of emergency. Prism nodded and went into the building. He went to his room and started packing things. Then he headed down to the kitchen and started pulling out the cans and putting them into the bag he was carrying even Snow was helping.

Later that night after Prism and Snow left they came up to a poster stating:

Come to New Bark to start your Pokémon Journey!

“Hey, Snow, I know where we’re going!”
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