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by Merciless Medic

Merciless Medic A patient in his late 20s receives ciprofloxacin, a medicine to prevent infections in his latest injury. However, it causes a mutation in his brain, causing him to develop a fatal disorder. This medicine's side effect wasn't supposed to happen...

NOTE: This is a story inspired by the events that happened to Ricard Siagin. May he rest in peace. This story is meant to spread awareness of this disorder and any who have it. It will be emotionally dark. You have been warned.
"Your test results came in."

The doctor had came into the little room his patient and his patient's girlfriend had been waiting in. The fluorescent lights seemed to hurt the poor man's eyes as he squinted at the doctor, his blue eyes conveying confusion, panic, and pain. His girlfriend shared the same blue eyes, but her emotions conveyed through them was different: scared and angry.

The doctor in his purple scrubs and light blue coat took a seat in his wheeled, swiveling stool, papers in hand of the test results he had received in his patient's blood test and polysomnography, a test that monitored how well the patient slept and the transitions between the different stages of sleep. He sighed, already dreading the information he had to present. The eyes of the two sitting before him on chairs seemed to bore through the man's head, causing him to get a little uncomfortable. His hands were shaky, and his skin was pale. Normally, he wouldn't have any issues telling someone they had a disorder or a disease, but this one. This one was fatal. He never liked telling his patients, especially his favorites, that they had no hope in a given amount of time.

An Audino came into the room and assessed the situation between the three human's heart rates with the feelers on her ears. The female's and the patient's were beating normally, yet they were anticipating something. Probably the news they had yet to receive, as the doctor's heartbeat was sporadic and he was clearly uncomfortable.

The eyes from the two beings waiting left the doctor momentarily to stare at the Audino, who had a little hat to denote she was a nurse. The doctor gave a sigh of relief that was barely audible, but he felt slightly more relaxed. He finally got out his words, his clammy hand running through his combed back, black hair as he looked between the papers and his regular patient.

"I'm so sorry, but your test results have come back positive for Sporadic Fatal Insomnia."

He paused before continuing, feeling the eyes on him again to tell them more.
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