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Ruins Of Blackthorn: Prologue

by Staroid

Staroid Prologue.
The kingdom of Blackthorn was where King Cynric and his wife ruled over with their two children, Orev and Erebus. The kingdom was in a time of peace, and all of the creatures of the forest were slained by the famous guardsman, Lycaon. The kingdom might've been in peace, but there was dark presence coming close to them.

On a hot summer's day, the king was discussing with his wife who should be the next king of Blackthorn, Orev or Erebus, in the throne-room. The king told his wife, "I don't know, Erebus might be older, but he is far too immature. Orev, on the other-hand, is respectful young man, and I feel that he is more worthy than Erebus."

Little did the king know, Erebus was hiding in one of the pillars in the throne-room, and so Erebus jumped out and yelled, "How dare you, old man! I'm more worthy to become king than that idiot, Orev! He's too soft, this kingdom needs someone powerful like me to rule over them! Besides, I'm older than him, so logically speaking I should be next in the heir!" Erebus had the face of rage, and kept staring at the king. The king stood up and said, "This is the kind of behavior I'm talking about Erebus! How are you supposed to rule over this kingdom, if all you think about is yourself?" Erebus looked down, but then he looked up again and had an evil smirk on his face. Erebus said, "Fine, I didn't want to this, but you left me no choice." Erebus snapped his fingers, and four mages came out of nowhere. "What are you going to do now, old man? Give up your kingdom, OR YOUR LIFE!" exclaimed Erebus as the mages held out the scepters at the king. The king stood there in horror, and said, "You wouldn't dare." Erebus smile grew wider, and he said, "Watch me." The mages' scepters started to glow, and they all shot out a beam at the king. The king had disappeared and all that was left was some smoke and a crater.

The queen stood there in shock, and her eyes started tearing up. Erebus looked at her and said, "Don't worry, mother. All they did was use a magic spell to cast him out of Blackthorn. He'll never return again, no matter how hard he tries." The queen grew an angered expression on her face, and exclaimed, "How could you do that to your own father! He might be gone, but that doesn't matter! You will not become the king of Blackthorn, as long as I live!" Erebus stared at his mother with a disappointed look, and said, "What a shame. I neither want to kill you or exile you, but I must become king, so mages erase everyone's memories about my father and mother being the king and queen of Blackthorn, make them believe that I am the king, and that my mother is just a slave that works for me!" "As you command," said the mages all in union. "No you ca..." exclaimed the queen, but it was too late and the mages filled the whole kingdom in a strange aura affecting everyone's memories, except for Lycaon who was in the forest slaying many wolverks who were killing the local livestock.

As Lycaon had slayed the final wolverk, he noticed the strange aura surrounding the kingdom and started running towards it. Lycaon ran into the castle, and went into the throne-room, and noticed Erebus sitting in the throne, with the queen standing right next to him. "Young sire, have you seen the king?" Erebus had an angry expression, but quickly changed it to a smile, and said, "What do you mean Lycaon? I am king!" "Stop playing games with me Erebus. We all know your father, his majesty, King Cynric is the rightful king of Blackthorn. Now where is he, I need to tell him if he knows about that strange aura that surrounded the kingdom?" Erebus stood up and said, "Looks like you weren't affected, whatever makes no difference to me. I am king now, and you have to listen to me from now on." Lycaon said, "I'm sorry, Erebus, but I only pledge myself to King Cynric, and you're no king of mine." Erebus got angered and yelled, "Mages!" The mages came out, and Erebus told them, "Hello, once again mages, I want you to humiliate this man by turning him into a beast among men!" The mages circled Lycaon. Lycaon wasn't scared, however, he pulled out his sword, and stood in position. The mages didn't seem to care for his confidence, and they shot him with their magic. The mages had given him the head of a wolf, and teleported him to the center of Blackthorn.

Lycaon had no idea what had just happened, so he went up to one of the townsfolk, and poked their shoulder. The townsman looked behind himself, only to see a monster, and yelled in horror. The townsman ran away, and Lycaon was confused. He then stood right in the middle of town, where everyone could see him, but the townsfolk only stared at him in shock and started screaming and running everywhere. One of the townspeople was holding a mirror and dropped it. Lycaon picked it up, looked at it, and he saw the head of a beast. Shocked by what the mirror had showed him, and humiliated, he left Blackthorn and swore to himself never to return again.

Erebus is now the ruler of Blackthorn, and has the island almost feel apocalyptic. Because Lycaon hasn't been slaying any beast, wolverks are running around Blackthorn and killing most people's livestock. Many people are starving, and barely have any wealth and wear rags. The only people who have luxury are those who live in the castle.