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by SilvallyTamer

SilvallyTamer A man runs through the Pokémon Village, protecting a deep Secret.
Lyon ran through the rough and deep snow in the Pokémon Village, being followed by a monstrous Tyranitar. The beast shot Hyper Beams and Flamethrowers, lighting up the night sky like Fireworks. “Stupid me, I really should shut up sometimes...” Lyon mumbled to himself.
He dove to the ground dodging the attacks, “I’ll have to take him down.” Lyon grabbed a Pokeball, “Go Glalie!” Glalie shot out of the Pokeball, teeth glaring in the moonlight.
Lyon is the Gym Leader of Snowbelle City, taking over the job from his late grandfather. He wore a medieval kind of suit, blue with some yellow, he had a silver-ice colored hair.
“Glalie use Ice Fang!” Lyon commanded as Glalie dove towards Tyranitar, with jaws open. Goalie bit down on Tyranitar’s arm, freezing it. It seemed to just tickle Tyranitar and Glalie was thrown off.
“Thanks for the info…” A man behind Tyranitar said, he had a black cloak and a blank mask on. “Tyranitar use Stone Edge. End this pipsqueak that calls himself a Gym Leader.” Tyranitar smashed the ground with a fist, causing stone pillars to sprang up. The pillars forcefully destroyed the terrain and surrounded Glalie.
“Freeze Dry!” Lyon yelled, Glalie freezing the air around itself. A couple seconds later, the air around Glalie exploded and Froze the stone pillars. It smashed through the pillars with a strong headbutt, and also the Freeze Dry made the Pillars fragile.
“Too bad I had to go this far,” The masked man said holding up a Key Stone, “Tyranitar Mega Evolve!” A band on Tyranitar’s Tail with a Mega Stone in it, started to glow. Energy surrounded its body, making it transform and change. Lyon looked at it, a tiny bit surprised.
Spikes grew on Tyranitar’s entire body and the energy exploded revealing Mega Tyranitar! “Try to beat that you brat!” The masked men yelled with confidence.
“Wow, you have no idea..Do you?” Lyon asked.
“What?!” A blizzard surrounded Mega Tyranitar and the masked man, over powering them. Lyon said, “Glalie can control the weather here, You just got Gym Leader-ed.”
The masked man and Mega Tyranitar fled. Lyon opened the locket he had around his neck. “Don’t worry Glalie, we’ll use this if we really need to,” He said to Glalie.
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  1. SilvallyTamer
    @Cloudswift, not good. I don't really have the time to do this anymore. Sorry.
    Jun 12, 2017
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    So, how's it coming? XD I'm TOOOOTALLY the most patient person on the planet. :p
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    Woo! Might be able to start this finally! @AspenTR33
    Apr 19, 2017
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