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The PC: Prologue

by Azurea

Azurea How does the PC work?
It was the last day of school until summer vacation at Red Public School, and the clocks were slowly ticking down. Negil was sitting in her seat daydreaming about what it'd be like to be a Pokémon while Mr.Kert was going on about type effectiveness. Negil didn't really care all too much about battling so she paid no attention in class.
"NEGIL! Are you listening?" Mr.Kert called on her
"Huh?!"Negil shook herself awake"what?" Mr.Kert walked over to Her,His Chatot sitting on his shoulder"if I had a Psychic type Pokémon like MR.Mime,what move could do super Effective damage on it?" Negil sat up and started to think"ummm....Bug?"she knew the basics of type effectiveness, but it wasn't her specialty,
"Correct..."Mr.Kert walked back up to the front and continued the lesson.
After a few minutes the bell rang and class was let out.Negil packed up her backpack and started to walk to the closest PokeCentre. She released Zed and Amy,her Porygon-2s,her Surskit named War,Ursa her Growlithe and Anti-Sea Gem her Starmie. She let them tag along to the pokecentre. Negil often let them out before and after school. She didn't like the idea of Pokémon being in Pokéballs,nonetheless she had 5 Pokémon,as it was required to own Pokémon to attend Red School.the school was named after the famous Champion of Kanto,Red. As she walked,her Pokémon followed behind her.When she got to the pokecentre Negil sat down at a table. The PokeCentres here were in the same style as the ones in Alola. While Negil was waiting,she decided to grab a Roserade Tea. As she was ordering, Bill walked in,his Normal Vulpix following behind him
"Ahh!Bill!you're here!" Negil grabbed her Tea and sat down with Bill"I need to talk to you about something"
(Should I continue?)
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