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Fire And Ice: Prologue

by WolfyPop

WolfyPop This is technically an introduction to the series ^^
It was quiet in the forest, the full moon shone bright in a clearing sprawled with dirt. A group of wolves sniffed around the clearing, all having orange marks on them. Then, one lifted their head in alarm. "Beta! I smell wolves!" The black she-wolf growled. "Are they from the Fire Pack?" A huge brown male with purple eyes swished around, his ears perked up. "No, Scar. They are from the Ice Pack..." She flattened her ears. "Fire Pack! Get in a line!" Scar growled to the other wolves. The Fire Pack formed a line, waiting for the wolves. They waited. Then, they saw a shadow with specific blue marks, followed by four other wolves. They stopped in a line. The grey wolf growled, her dark blue eyes narrow, and with a lift of her tail, the wolves came charging at the Fire Pack.

There was blood and growls coming from every direction. Scar was pinned to the ground by the same grey she-wolf. "Scar! How dare you steal food from our territory and kill some of the pups!" Dusk snarled. "Heh heh... Dusk, by the time this battle is finished, the Fire Pack will still be on top of the Ice Pack..." Scar smirked slyly. "What do you mean?!" Dusk snarled, baring her bloody fangs. Scar narrowed his eyes. "You she-wolves don't know how to fight. You may be one of the Betas of the Ice Pack, but we have more wolves in this fight, your attempts to chase us away have failed." Scar smirked. Dusk whipped her head around to compare the Ice Pack wolves and the Fire Pack wolves. There were many more Fire Pack members. While she was distracted, Scar kicked her off. Dusk landed with a thud. "Dusk, there are too many enemies! We have to retreat!" A brown and black wolf growled, just avoiding an enemy wolf. "Fine..." Dusk leapt up to a huge boulder. "Run, Ice Pack! Retreat!" She yelled, at once the wolves bounded away, back into the Ice Pack territory. Looking back at the Fire Pack, who were howling in victory, Dusk sighed and ran off.

"..." A snow white wolf with light blue eyes looked over the ledge at the Ice Pack. "Troubles, Alpha Blizzard?" A brown and grey wolf came up behind her. "I'm fine.... It's just, the Ice Pack has never lost a battle after my father... you know..." Blizzard sighed, moving her paws a bit. "Well, the hunters have brought Rabbits for the wolves in the fight to eat. Your sister hasn't been accepting food though, so we left it outside her den..." Said the male wolf. The she-wolf sighed. "You are a noble member of this pack, Muno.. I am happy to have you as a member of this pack. Thank you," Blizzard turned and smiled at Muno. "Go see Dusk, try and comfort her, I know you two are good friends." She continued. "Okay, Blizzard," Muno nodded respectfully and dashed off. Blizzard looked back at the sky. "..." She sighed.