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From the Ashes: Prologue

by CherryBlossomGirl

CherryBlossomGirl Young 13-year old Stella Nekoshi is the bright, cheery (and clumsy) apprentice the the aspiring gym leader Clemont. Stella must uncover the keys to her past in order to save Kalos from its biggest threat yet: team Flare.
Red Poké looks up at the dim night sky with a hint of fear in his eyes. "Blue...." he speaks softly to her. Blue Poké nods. A baby, wrapped up in yellow blankets, lays in her arms. "Stella" Red speaks softly to the baby. His voice cracks with sorrow. "You are a wonderful human being. You are going to change the world someday. But no. Not today. Someday. I- I love you, Stella." Red starts crying. "Zapdos!" Blue calls to the sky. Zapdos swoops down from the sky, picking up the baby in its beak. "Take good care of her! Find her a good home!" Blue waves up at the night sky biding her child farewell.
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  1. CherryBlossomGirl
    Here you go, guys! This is my first work on Pokécharms, and its only the beginning! I have a feeling your gonna like it! ;)
    Mar 13, 2016