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Shrirciokide Legend: Prologue: The Ancient Eternal Past.

by ~Rinko~

~Rinko~ A bit of lore, a young girl learns that the founder, head-teacher and principal of her school is possessed by a demon, which could only lead to trouble...
“I will record this long tale, though beforehand, I shall introduce myself a little: I was just like any ordinary student at the Rainahimdreamold Magic School near the end of the 1800s, yes, yes, I’ll get to the reasoning behind the year this was recorded soon. Beside the point, I’ll say this story as if I was an ordinary onlooker to all the events that unfurled through the hundred years I have lived through.”

A girl with long silver hair tied back in a ponytail ran along through the corridors in the Rainahimdreamold Magic School, ‘twas in the first hour of two were they could do what they wished on the last day of the year at the end of the century. The girl sighed as she paused her running, “I do wonder how Murasaka has been today.” she smiled and sighed again before resuming her run.

“So you delayed? How stupid.” Dokuohtei Kora, the founder, head-teacher and principal of the school, had scolded from within the room of which he spent most of his time; the girl had overheard what he had said, curious as she was, she listened in some more.

“Well, the prophecy has said that ‘twould be in motion BEFORE the turn of a century, so to be honest by the stars, we are late due to the prophecy not guiding us correctly,” someone had half-yelled at Dokuohtei.

“To add on to what Ak’I has spoke, who may be the tree’s guardian at this time?” another spoke quite rudely.

“I think it may be something bound for the next century, as the old prophecy has stated, thou all are such idiots for not being aware of the olden version! Ak’I, Fz’o, we shouldn’t waste our time.” yet another had spoken, quietly yelling.

“Oh, I am duly aware of the old prophecy, Is’h, you told me it after all didn’t you my good old friend?” Dokuohtei smirked.

“Ah, yes, t’indeed, I did tell you once the prophecy, apprentice. Sehsehseh” Is’h laughed, clearly mocking Dokuohtei.

The girl mumbled, “Wait, is that true? It must be, I need to tell Murasaka now.” she nudged the door slightly, “Wait, uh-oh!” she whispered slightly as began to run off. A pale purple aura-like charge began to surround the clockwork-like head of the blue-ish wooden wand she had held tightly then, she had turned a corner and as a convenient result had bumped into another seventeen year-old student at that school, the one she had been looking for in fact. Murasaka Sachiyama had dusky orange hair, swept to the left for many onlookers, one scarlet eye and one golden yellow. He had noticed the girl bump into himself.

“Are you okay, Ai?” Murasaka sighed, “What is it, my sister?” he said upon noticing Ai’s desperate expression, yet unnoticing of the magical charge that suddenly erupted into a semi-explosion from Ai’s wand.

“We must talk in the room! Quickly brother!” Ai tugged Murasaka along the corridors, toward a well-hidden door of which she pushed open, entered, then hastily shut the door.

“Ai, what is wrong?” Murasaka asked semi-desperately, a small amount surprised at the charge of magic and how Ai had pulled him there.

“Dokuohtei Kora... I overheard him talking with some demons about some prophecy.” Ai spoke slightly worriedly, she noticed in her hand that the head of her wand had partially broken off, “That charge of magic must have broken it, I do not know what it was about however, brother,” she sighed.

“Do not worry,” Murasaka spoke as he walked towards a drawer on his right, “Here, a new weapon of yours,” he said as he pulled out a purple sword with silvery clockwork-like gemstones on the handle, alongside a silver sheath with a star-shaped amethyst at the tip. “The magical charge must have done something other than being a small light show. As for Dokuohtei, I think you must bring out the best in the students here, even if you need to call upon some ‘mystical saviours’ or something much akin to that, my sister,” Murasaka continued to talk.

“Thank you, for this new weapon and that advice, but what is the prophecy, about a guardian of a tree and the turn of century?” Ai sighed with a tinge of sadness in her voice, “But above all, you are duly aware that many of the students here disappear for at least two decades after their final school year, correct?” she spoke as she began to cry.

“Yes, I am aware, though I know nothing about a prophecy like that. Now that I think of it, the magic may have ceased the flow of time for you, if you understand what I mean by that, but alas likely not, ‘tis but wishful thinking.” Murasaka sighed, “‘Destiny does not give, but only takes,’ that line from the Aumire of Stars seemingly must be held true, now more so by the stars.”