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Three Kingdoms of Another World: Prologue: Holidays are Supposed to be Peaceful...

by PrincessPika~chan

PrincessPika~chan Jason Rose was on what should've been a simple, short holiday to Northern Ireland for his 19th birthday, but one of his friends who used to live there invited him on a hot air balloon trip; one which did not go according to plan...
“Okay, speech-to-text on, I have no idea how this will work, but it’s worth a shot. Page 1 of my phone-diary of my trip abroad! Wait, does it really count as being abroad? I mean, I’m still in the same country, but I’m not on the same island...

“Oh whatever, I’m having so much fun already! So, it’s my birthday today and guess what I got? This awesome kinda semi new-ish anime game! Oh boy I just can’t wait to start playing as the derp guy or the cute and tall girl, y’know, the one with the ponytail?

“And no, I don’t like her because of the... stupid fan-service... Who even does like her because of that? Anyway, I also got some mountain gear from my sister; I honestly haven’t the slightest clue why though, she knows I don’t like mountains...

“Okay, page 1 over, speech-to text off!” a short, pale-skinned guy with short, messy blond-ish brown hair sighed, looking at the game and the mountain gear that he had placed on the top of a drawer, as he finished his monologue. “Oh gods, what am I waiting for? I need to play that game!” he was just about to grab the game when a notification appeared on his phone.

‘Alura: “Hey! Jason, you wanna come over here to the park? I wanna show you something!” (posted 2 seconds ago, at 9:04 am, GMT)

“Ugh, Alura came here? Why do my friends have to be so annoying...” Jason shook his head and sighed, he grabbed his phone and quickly responded; ‘Sure, half an hour’s time though, ‘kay?’

Half an hour of checking random parks nearby, Jason finally found Alura, “What did you want to show me? And how did you know I was here?” he sternly sighed.

“I’ve got a free hot air balloon ride for us~ Oh and a little birdy happened to tell me that you were staying ‘round here for a few days, having fun on this little island? He-he fun pun am I right?” Alura smiled.

“Thanks but I’ll pass on the hot air balloon ride, also I really hate my sister at times...” Jason growled, as he turned to walk away.

“Wait! It’ll be a waste of precious money if you don’t go on the hot air balloon ride!” Alura called out to Jason, her eyes wide, almost as if she was about to cry, her mouth pulled into a squiggly frown, her back arched slightly downwards and her hands clasped in front of her chest, evidently trying to look as cute as possible.

“B-but you said that the ride was free...?! Aww, fine, I’ll go.” Jason turned back around and sighed, he hadn’t had anything else planned immediately that day, so it wasn’t going to make much of a difference if he went or not, aside from cutting into his game time later.

“Uh... Y-yeah, I did say that...” Alura chuckled slightly and turned her head away, “Anyways, c’mon, over this way!” she bounced up a bit and pointed towards a purple and grey hot air balloon what seemed to be a while off into the distance.

“Um... that’s uh... pretty far.” Jason looked at where Alura was pointing quite sheepishly, lightly brushing his hair.

“Pfft, it’s like two minutes away if you run as fast as possible! C’mon, I’ll race you!” Alura said before rushing off towards the hot air balloon.

After what seemed to be an hour of racing, though it was only a few minutes, Jason caught up to Alura, panting heavily.

“Oh, so this is that guy you were bringin’ here then?” the person standing next to the hot air balloon said, with a thick accent, as he saw Jason, “Jason Rose is your name, I’m right?”

“Y-yeah... I-I can’t... believe... it took so little time...” Jason said, still taking some time to catch his breath. After a minute or so, he climbed into the hot air balloon, Alura jumped in and heat up the balloon.

“Ah, yeah, I fly these now.” Alura said upon noticing Jason’s confused expression, “I started back when I was 16~”

“...You’re STILL 16 though! You’re the youngest person I know!” Jason said, as he started to panic.

“Well, I’ve not crashed a hot air balloon and I’ve had eight months of practice. It’ll be fine!” Alura smiled.

“You’re gonna jinx it!” Jason yelled, panicking even more.

Alura sighed, “We’re landing near a mountain, twenty or something kilometres away, it’s gonna be fine, I’ve gone from here to there plenty of times before.” Alura said, focusing on keeping the balloon afloat.

“Near a mountain!? Can you stop making this worse for me?!” Jason said, curling up into to ball.

“I thought you only had a problem with back alleys, not mountains...” Alura mumbled and shook her head. When they were almost there, out of nowhere, a wind blew them off, upwards and into a cave on the mountainside, “Wha? Time to bail, sorry Jason!” Alura said as she leapt out of the hot air balloon, thankfully landing on some tall trees to cushion her fall.

“What!? Oh come on... hey, wait, those fruits, I recognise them from somewhere...” Jason yelled out, but was soon got distracted by a pile of softly curving pink fruits in curved, tapered cylindrical shape with yellow rounded tips, he got up and reached his hand, grabbing one of the more tightly curved fruits. Just as Jason pulled back his hand, a small, sharp spike fell from the roof of the cave and cut his hand, “What the!?” Jason leapt back in shock, knocking over the hot air balloon and hitting his head on the floor.
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    I would have to agree there, very well done.
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