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Side Series-Shadewing's despair: Prologue-Dovestar's nine lives

by Shadewing

Shadewing Palesky is the medicine cat of Thunderclan and she recived a prophecy of Destruction and fire. On what should be the happiest day so far for her-her sister receiving nine lives- how can she relax when doom is looming over her constantly?
Prologue: Shadewing's Despair

The wind howled in the pale calico she-cat's ears as she made her way up the long slope. Behind her a small hiss of discontent could be heard; emitting from the grey she-cat behind her. "Doveleaf, please continue a bit farther. We are almost to the Moonpool." The calico she-cat meowed. Her voice could barely be heard over the sound of the whistling wind.

"Palesky, I'm not sure if I'm ready to lead ThunderClan. What if StarClan rejects me as a leader? Who will lead our clan?" The grey she-cat meowed to the Medicine cat. Palesky sighed and dropped back to pad next to her kin; and deputy. "Graystar would not have left you in charge if you weren't eligible to become our leader." Palesky hissed as her paw became lodged between two stubborn rocks.

Soon after the duo arrived to the top of the slope, the wind seemingly calmed and started to steady swirl around Palesky and Doveleaf. "Doveleaf, touch your nose to the water and if StarClan wishes to meet with you, they will appear to us." Palesky meowed the instructions gently, as if Doveleaf had a choice, but her soft tone simply hid the fact that her instructions were a command.

The grey she-cat nodded nervously and did as Palesky commanded, to her relief. The medicine cat also crawled to the waters edge and lay at Doveleaf's side. The cold stone bit at Palesky's fur and to her skin, but she ignored the discomfort and barely dipped her nose in the frost-bitten water. Her reflexes told her to gasp and pull away, but Palesky resisted and forced herself into a fitful sleep.

The sun beat down on Palesky's back and the warm grass was a pleasant change from the cold stone around the Moonpool. A few steps from her stood Doveleaf, who was staring anxiously around the clearing. One cat padded out of the underbrush and dipped his head respectfully to Doveleaf. Palesky purred to herself as she identified the cat as Jayfeather, the mentor of her mentor.

Jayfeather lead a group of other cats into the warm clearing. Palesky slowly observed from the sidelines naming each cat except for one or two that must be related to Doveleaf externally somehow. Jayfeather padded up and smiled gently. "Hello Doveleaf, I am Jayfeather, former medicine cat of ThunderClan." The blue-grey blind Tom proceeded to press his nose on Doveleaf's head. "With this life I give you Trust. Use it well to put your faith in your warriors and the future warriors." Jayfeather meowed quietly and Palesky observed helplessly as her sister seemed to struggle receiving the life, as if it hurt her whole body.

Next a white and grey spotted she-cat padded up and Doveleaf instantly looked better. "Hello Doveleaf, as you know I am Skywind." Palesky's chest burst with happiness to see her mother doing well, and Doveleaf seemed to have a similar sensation. Skywind pressed her nose to Doveleaf's head. "With this life I give you compassion. Use it well to sympathize with helpless cats, yours and others." Doveleaf braced herself, but it didn't seem like she struggled with this life as much as she did the last.

4 more lives were passed to Doveleaf. The lives of clear sight, hope, farsightedness, and instincts passed through the grey she-cat. The deputy had not moved from the place she started, but her fur was becoming damp with sweat and her panting could be heard even from Palesky's standpoint. The pale Calico medicine cat took her seat, as she finally realized that she was standing in anticipation. Next padded up a light grey she-cat that looked strikingly similar to Doveleaf. The same green eyes and lithe shape reminded Palesky of her ancestors and she struggled to figure out who was going to give her sister a life.

"Hello Doveleaf. I am Dovewing, one of your kin." The starry grey she-cat dipped her head in greeting before pressing her nose to Doveleaf's head, as all the others had. "With this life, I give you a mother's love. Use it well to protect your clan with every last ounce of energy and fire in your body." Dovewing meowed quietly. Doveleaf seemed to expect this one to be calm and soothing as the life of Hope had seemingly felt, but instead she jerked away and seemed to struggle with flaring pain. After the sensation passed, Dovewing padded back to her ranks in the starry sea of cats in front of Doveleaf. Finally an all so familiar cat padded up to Palesky's sister.

"Graystar!" Purred Doveleaf in happiness as she saw the former leader healed of his injuries given to him from a dog attack. Palesky gave her own quiet purr, but she wasn't sure why her chest wasn't bursting with happiness as it did when Skywind was seen again. Graystar nodded and started as all other cats did. "Hello Doveleaf, as you know I am Graystar, most recent of ThunderClan's leaders." The dark grey leader continued to press his nose to Doveleaf's head. "With this life I give you healing. Use it well to heal your Clanmates of physical and emotional wounds and to give cats a second chance at life when they need it." The second part had a hint of a dark tone to it, but Palesky couldn't put her paw on what seemed off about it. As the life finally passed through Doveleaf she sighed and shook out her fur, obviously relieved and strengthened now that it was over.

"I hail you by your new name, Dovestar. Your old life is no more. You have now received the nine lives of a leader, and StarClan grants you the guardianship of ThunderClan. Defend it well; care for young and old; honor your ancestors and the traditions of the warrior code; live each life with pride and dignity." Graystar yowled into the air with pride, studying his former deputy. "Dovestar! Dovestar!" Yowled the rest of the StarClan cats who gave a life to the grey she-cat. Soon after, followed the voices of other StarClan cats that seemed to just hover in the trees of stalk in the bushes. Palesky stood to ask if Dovestar was ready to leave, but instead she noticed the sky growing dark and her sister disappearing. Storms brewed overhead and a large flash of lightning startled Palesky.

Dovewing padded up, with Jayfeather and another golden Tom. All three of them stared at her intently as Palesky studied a certain phenomenon. On the wind, a single ember floated, creating a line of smoke behind it. The shadow of a bird covered the glowing ember from the now pouring rain. The three cats in front of Palesky began to chant words in unison.

The fire will burn the Clans on smokey winds under the shadow of wings
Beware the one who's words are sharper than claws
Peace may only come under the soft shade of the falling tree

Another crack of lightning and Palesky watched as a tree started to fall. As soon as the sickening thump of the tree ended, Palesky jumped up from the Moonpool's edge. Slowly Dovestar began to wake, blinking rapidly despite the lack of sun in the darkness. Dovestar stood on shaky legs and flexed her claws. Silently, the sisters padded back down from the Moonpool, this time her sister leading the way back to ThunderClan. Palesky lagged behind, thinking of the prophecy. 'Fire will burn the clans..... Only under a falling tree.... What does this mean for ThunderClan? Will we be destroyed? Is StarClan going to demolish our home?' She thought frantically. Finally Palesky took a deep breath and calmed herself down. "You must not talk about anything that went on, understand Dovestar?" Palesky meowed, wanting to make sure her sister knew the age-long rule. "Of course Palesky, no one knows how I got my lives, they will just have to know that ThunderClan will become the most kind and compassionate clan in the forest!" Dovestar purred over her shoulder, looking at her kin. Palesky gave her own purr, as if Dovestar's was contagious. "Of course Dovestar. I know."
  1. Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn
    Yeah I know, you know what is weird, on a different website I have a cat who is Dovewing's grandkid, her name is Lilacstar, well Lilacflower currently
    Jan 14, 2016
  2. Shadewing
    In this one, Dovewing actually isn't alive anymore. :? Dovestar, her grandchild, is the one featured here. But yeah. I suppose that she got back with Bumblestripe. :)
    Jan 14, 2016
  3. Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn
    I like this, my favorite cat from the books happens to be Dovewing, so I'm guessing in this Dovewing got back with Bumblestripe? Because from what I know the cats who gave mothers love all had kits.
    Dec 28, 2015