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by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma Pika and Vee finally become full-fledged members of Zapdos' guild.

Pika blinked awake, slower than normal. "Ugh..." he said, getting up. "Morning." Vee said. "Surprised you slept in today, of all days. Come on, attendance is about to start." Pika smiled. Today was the day.

"Roll call!" Chatot said. "TREEKO!" "DRILBUR!" "Whismur!" "GOLETT!" "CRANIDOS!" "KADABRA!" "MEOWTH!" "EMOLGA!" "PIKA!" "VEE!" "Alright, everyone's here." Chatot said. "Now, before we begin work, we have something very special to announce." Everyone looked at Chatot with a steady gaze before turning their gaze to Zapdos. "Today, a new team joins us in earnest." The thunder bird said. "Two explorers, who shall now and forevermore rise and conquer." As Zapdos gave the speech, Chatot came over to the two. "Quickly! Do you have a name for your team?" he asked. "Team Shining Dreams." Vee said. "Fits us." "Wonderful!" Chatot said, flying over to Zapdos. "...and no matter what obstacle, through dangerous mystery dungeon to cunning foe, they shall overcome. And we shall help them overcome! Now, we celebrate Pika and Vee, our new team!" Chatot whispered into Zapdos' ear as Pika and Vee came forward. "LET US CELEBRATE TEAM SHINING DREAMS!" the storm-wielder said. Everyone cheered, but Treeko's cheers were the loudest of all. Pika smiled. They were now a true exploration team.

"So, what now?" Pika asked. He and Vee were in their room, figuring out their game-plan. "Well, why don't we check what jobs are available?" Vee asked. "We can get some cash, do some good and help the guild!" Pika nodded. "Alright. Ballot box it is!" The two explorers dashed off to the lift.

Pika and Vee were now at the second floor. The box had five letters. "If we manage our time well," Vee said, "we can do all of them." "Why don't we?" Pika asked. He pulled out one of the letters. It read;

Mission: Help me, please!
Job giver: Wurmple
Description: Help! I'm stuck in Dremiton Mines' third floor! If anyone could help me, then please come soon! I really need help badly!
Payment: 200P

"Let's go." Pika said, finishing the letter. "Right." Vee responded, and the two dashed up to the surface. As soon as they hit the city ground, they took off for the mines.

Entering the rocky area, the two searched for the stairs. They managed to find the crude stairs buried amongst the rock. "This'll be hard without the maps." Vee said. They had forgotten their exploration notes back at the base, and they had no time to go back for them. "Oh, well." Pika said. "It'll be like a re-discovery!" The two friends then dashed down to help the stranded Pokemon.
The two Pokemon finally made it to the third floor, and found the Wurmple surrounded by angry Geodude. "Hey!" Pika said, hitting one with an Iron Tail attack. The boulder went flying, smacking into three others. "You're okay now." Vee said, going over to the bug-type. "D-did you get my letter?" he asked. "Yeah, that's why we're here in the first place!" Pika said, Skull Bashing another Geodude. "Let's go." Vee said, escorting the Pokemon to a safe area before joining the fray herself. Half of them had already been taken out. The Geodude were now really angry. "Save some for me?" Vee asked, locking into battle-mode. "I left half standing just for you." Pika said. "You're too kind." Vee remarked. The two charged into battle, fighting with all they had. In the end, that was enough to overcome the swarm of Geodude. The explorers and the bug-type left the lair.
"Thanks a lot!" Wurmple said once the three were back in the city. The bug-type had just payed them, and was heading back home. Pika opened the next letter. He had taken three letters with him, including the one from Wurmple. He opened the next one.

Mission: I'm starving!
Job giver: Munchlax
Description: I'm really hungry! I need food, bad! Personally, I prefer freshly-picked Oran berries over anything! I hear there's some great Oran berry trees over by Carvahna Cliff! If you could get me about fifteen, that would be great!
Payment: 5000P

Pika and Vee just stared at the job. "That isn't a job... that's labor." Vee said. "Well, might as well!" Pika responded. "Let's go!" Vee shrugged. The two set off for the cliff.

Munchlax's sources had been genuine. There were in fact incredibly sweet Oran berries over by the cliff, as Vee knew from experience. As soon as they had gathered fifteen, they headed for the city. After some searching, they found Munchlax's house. "Oh, hey!" Munchlax said, spotting them. "I assume those are for me?" "Freshly picked!" Vee said with a smile. "Thanks!" The muncher said, taking the bag into his house. He left behind 5000P. "I assume that's our payment." Pika said. The two took the cash, and opened the last letter they had on them. "This is gonna be good, isn't it?" Pika asked.

Mission: My keys are gone!
Job giver: Psyduck
Description: I had my keys a while ago! I left my house and went to Lotad's shop, then I went home. Only I didn't have my keys! So I couldn't get into my house.
Payment: 500P

Pika face-palmed. "To Lotad's shop we go, then!" Vee said. The two headed off for the commercial district.

Lotad, as it turned out, sold plants. He was a botanist, and shared the seeds he grew himself. "Keys?" he asked. "Psyduck's keys?" "Yes." Vee said. "We believe they're here." "Oh, yes! Why, yes they are!" Lotad said, pulling out a set of metal keys. "Psyduck came to buy a Cranium Plant. It's said that the leaves on its head will raise your I.Q.!" "Thanks." Pika said, taking the keys. "We better return these to Psyduck now." "Of course!" Lotad said. "Oh, and tell his he can take a Cranium Leaf anytime!"

As soon as Psyduck got his keys, he opened his door. Then all was revealed. "I wanted to buy a Cranium Plant, only I had forgotten my wallet!" Psyduck said. "Only, I was in such a rush to GET said wallet that I forgot my keys!" The duck pulled 500P out of his wallet and handed it to Pika. "Let's get going." Vee said. The two then headed back to the guild.

By the time they got there, the other two letters had already been taken. Vee guessed it was some other exploration teams. The two hopped down the elevator to the third floor, and sat down at a table that had recently been put up. Suddenly, the elevator came down, and with it came Golett and Cranidos. They were the last ones, so everyone headed upstairs for supper.

"Now, everyone, DIG IN!"
"Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp!"

After the meal, Pika and Vee were discussing the day. "Are most days going to be like that?" Vee asked. "Maybe, maybe not." Pika replied. "Not every day is the same. I have a feeling a grand adventure is just starting." "A grand adventure of what?" Vee asked. "I dunno." Pika said. "A grand adventure of exploring, battling. Being... Explorers of Light." "I like the sound of that!" Vee said. "But I'm too tired to talk more. Let's get to bed." Pika nodded, agreeing, and the two flopped onto the beds.

"Hey, Pika?"
"Yeah, Vee?"
"How long do you think it'll take to be as great as we can be?"
"Well, not long."
"Why do you say that?"
"Well, maybe some days can be kind of dull... but we're already awesome! We just need recognition and adventure, and we're set!"
"Hahahah! You're hilarious. Good night, Pika."
"Good night, Vee."

[End of Prologue]
(Special thanks to; @EspeonTheBest, @pikapal forever, @Twilight Nova, @Shauna23, @JacobRaze and @Bulba the Curious.)