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by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma Pika and Vee chase after a familiar criminal for the final trial.

Pika woke up again. "Morning already?" he asked. "Yep." Vee said. "Another day, another job. Now, come on! We're gonna be late for assembly!"

"Roll call!" Chatot said. "TREEKO!" "DRILBUR!" "Whismur!" "GOLETT!" "CRANIDOS!" "KADABRA!" "MEOWTH!" "EMOLGA!" "PIKA!" "VEE!" "Alright, everyone's here." Chatot said. "Back to your jobs, everyone!" Pika and Vee, grabbing the letter, took out the final slip of paper. But the job that they got was something they really did not want to do.

Mission: Capture Snover!
Job giver: BMM Police Force
Description: Snover is a wanted criminal, and has been on the run for a while. With twenty counts of theft, three counts of aggression and thirty counts of resisting arrest, Snover is dangerous and needs to be brought to justice. If you manage to locate and/or capture the thief, please bring to Lagross City Police Department.
Threat level: Medium
Bounty: 5000P

"SNOVER!" Pika and Vee exclaimed. "I do NOT wanna face him again..." Vee said. "But we have to try." Pika replied. "Come on, let's try the club. He's probably not there anymore, but we can check for clues." Vee nodded. "Sure. I'll go grab our supplies." When Vee returned, the two took the lift to the surface.

The street had been mostly barred off by police, but somehow the club was still open. Pika and Vee went inside and saw no one but the bartender. "Hello." Vee said. "Sorry about wrecking your club the other day." The Scrafty snorted. "Don't apologize. My place has been wrecked more times than I can imagine." The bartender propped up a table and pulled over a chair. "So, what brings you here again?" "We're looking for Snover." Vee said. "We were hoping you would know where he went." "Well..." the bartender said. "I kicked them all out so that I could clean the place up. I distinctly remember Snover saying; 'Whatever. I'll just go to the Mines.' I think the mines he was talking about was Dremiton Mines." "Thanks a lot!" Pika said, as the two ran off. "If only they knew..." the Scrafty said.

"Dremiton Mines is to the east of the city." Vee said. "Opposite direction of Seepa Shores. If Zapdos' guild is to the north, which it is, then we need to take the nearest city exit." Soon they reached the gate. "I can't understand why he would come here." Pika said, as the two got their first view of the rocky landscape. "It's desolate." Vee said. "It's the perfect hide-out. Plus, there's mystery dungeons here." "Well, yeah..." Pika said, as the two slid down the side of the Mines. A stairway led down into the mines. "The mines are mystery dungeons, so be careful." Vee said as the two climbed down into the hole.

(Sorry, I'm not writing the mystery dungeons. If someone else wants to, cool. But for now, use your imagination.)

Reaching the ninth and bottom floor, Pika and Vee were amazed at what they saw. There was a red hue to the walls, but also a blue one. It was beautiful... unfortunatly, sight-seeing would have to wait as the explorers spotted Snover. "Snover!" Pika shouted. "We're here to bring you to justice." "WHAT THE...?!" Snover said, turning around. His gaze bore onto Vee. "You... you'll pay!" he said, leaping towards the explorers.

Vee barely dodged the Ice Punch attack, leaping to the side just in time. Pika unleashed an Electro Ball, but Snover's Safeguard rendered it useless. "GRAH!" he said, plunging at the mouse. The Take Down attack was enough to send the hero flying. "PIKA!" Vee yelled, scared. "You're next!" Snover said, charging an Ice Beam. Suddenly, it was like time slowed down for Vee as she planned her strategy in a fraction of a second. Vee smiled. "Give it all you got." she said. Snover launched the Ice Beam, but Vee dodged. Snover kept the Ice Beam trained on Vee, but the tricky girl kept using Double Team to create copies. As Snover was about to hit the one he was aiming for, Vee Tackled him from behind. "Two can play at that game." he said, dashing towards Vee. Tackle met Take Down again and again. "Some back-up, please?" Vee asked as she and Snover butted heads. "OH, DEFINITELY!" Pika said, leaping over Snover with a charged Iron Tail attack. Pika whumped Snover hard on the head, and the two explorers worked together to finish him off with a double Quick Attack. "GAH! NO!!!" Snover said, fainting.

"Nice work!" Pika said to Vee. "T-thanks." she said. "Well, Snover can now be brought to justice." the two smiled. "Come on." Pika said. "Let's bring him in." The two propped Snover up on their backs and carried him out of the mines.

Pika and Vee were exhausted by the time they got to the Police Department. Thankfully, Snover hadn't woken up yet. As Pika knocked, a Beldum and a Magnemite approached. "Hello!" the Magnemite said. "I can identify that you have captured Snover. Thank you." Magnemite called for someone, and two Squrtle carried Snover away. "Are you the ones who captured Snover?" a big, booming voice asked. Pika and Vee turned to see the huge figure. "Greetings! I am Blastoise, one of the three commanders of the P.D.! Thank you so much for your assistance." "No prob!" Vee said. "It's all in a day's work." Pika smiled. "Oh, and the bounty." Blastoise said. "Here you go." The big turtle handed them 5000P. "Thanks." Pika said. "No, it's WE who thank YOU." Blastoise said. "Now, back to the guild." Pika and Vee smiled, nodding before dashing back. "They'll make a great exploration team." Blastoise said.

"The triumphant explorers return!" Drilbur said. "Welcome back, guys!" Treeko said. "How'd your first manhunt go?" "Well, we brought in Snover, so you could call it a success." Pika said. "HAHAHA! Look at Mr. Modest here." Treeko said. "Anyways, supper's soon, so you best fork the cash over to Chatot." "Right." Vee said, heading to Zapdos' room. "Come on, Pika!" "Coming!" the boy said, following his friend. "Meet you at supper!" Treeko shouted.

"Now, everyone, DIG IN!"
"Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp!"

After the meal, Pika and Vee were sorting out the money. "So we got 2666P from yesterday, and we just got 1000 from the bounty... hey, you doing okay?" Vee asked Pika, who seemed distracted. "Oh, nothing." Pika said. It's just... that cave reminds me... "Well, I think I'm gonna go to bed now." "That sounds reasonable." Vee said. "Plus, I can always finish this later." The two friends flopped onto the cushions.

"Hey, Pika?"
"Yeah, Vee?"
"You know what tomorrow is, right?"
"What is it?"
"Our first day as an official exploration team!"
"Oh, yeah! That'll be cool."
"I know, right? All the places we'll go... all the friends we'll meet..."
"Well, that's tomorrow. No point in getting exited yet."
"Yeah, I suppose. Good night, Pika."
"Good night, Vee."

(Special thanks to; @EspeonTheBest, @pikapal forever, @Twilight Nova, @Shauna23, @JacobRaze and @Bulba the Curious.)