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Pokémon Fire Red: The Lost Pages: Prologue: A Rude Awakening

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst So this is a series tracking my playthrough of Pokémon Fire Red. If you have any suggestions, n who I should catch and add to my team, let me know. I'll be playing along with the story.
The creature sat, alone in the dark cave, meditating. He was a mistake, a creation from another's power. Born to be a servant to the wretched human race. The human race was a disgusting one in deed. Treating all other races poorly, only focusing on their own personal gain. The human race left a sick taste in his mouth. They had wanted to make him as a weapon of mass destruction, a way to dominate, their own kind. He had shown them a sliver of his power, freeing himself in the process.

His brother, a legendary creature to whom he was cloned after, had told him of a prophecy, before trapping him in this cave. A legend about a young trainer, and his Charizard, that would be the ones to defeat him. Defeat him? The very idea of this was ridiculous. Not only was he the strongest creature that ever existed, and ever will exist, but a child would beat him. Grown men trembled in fear at the sight of him, so what could a child possibly due. He couldn't help but scoff at this idea, breaking his concentration.

The creature took a stand, and opened his eyes, which were glowing with a pale blue light. He raised his arm, and stretched his three digit hand out. From his palm, he fired multiple bright yellow stars, which the Humans had called Swift, into the cavern wall causing the cave to rumble. He would be ready to fight this child of prophecy, and defeat him. His way of defying fate. He would not be overcame by the human race.


Professor Samuel Oak, was working late, doing his best to finish the inventions he would give to his grandson and a boy from the neighborhood. The red box he as currently tinkering with only needed a few things done with it and he was done. Beside it was another box, but blue instead of red. They were an invention, in which he had decided to call a Pokedex, containing all data on the Pokemon in the Kanto Region. A gift to the two boys who would receive them. He added the remaining piece to the red Pokedex, and snapped the case into place. "All done," he said leaning back in his chair breathing a breath of relief. "I'd better go to sleep. I have a big day tomorrow." He said, stifling a yawn, standing up in his chair. The Professor exited the room, heading off to bed, leaving the Pokedex's behind.