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Professor's Assistant, Katmon

by R Envoide

R Envoide I was also going to include another more detailed drawing of him
but it was on my sketchpad... which got rained on .___.

RIP Sketchpad. May you be an instrument of Expression for all eternity...
Oh and btw, Bro is considering making a POKEMON FAN VIDEOGAME :3

(I tried to remove what Orida had typed but she kept insisting, so...)
I don't have a DrawTab for that, thus, it's highly unlikely

:p This guy should be like, a Rival
He's a future Prof, He's named after a tree
XD How bout both?? OMG, Imma make a storyline for him
like being the assistant of the Main Professor... um...
Narra?, YEAAA!!
Like we actually have enough time do all that
Well, I can write it when we get to the Resort by next week
Well... I do believe that you'll most likely be too busy swimming all day tho
well, no... not really... maybe... (= 3 =)... idk XDD
welp, boop
  1. Joy~
    :o This looks amazing!
    Mar 15, 2017