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Princess Peach vs Samus Aran

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Princess Peach vs Samus Aran
Samus flies on her ship, satisfied with a recent kill. She had defeated a famous, deadly bounty hunter named Boba Fett, twice. Now, her next target was one accused of murder of another princess. Her name was Princess Peach Toadstool, and she had to be eliminated. “Shouldn’t be too-!!!” Samus was interrupted by a blast to her ship. She turned around to see the Princess she was looking for on Go Kart that was parked on….a rainbow? Samus jumped out and aimed her arm cannon at the Princess. “What do you think you’re doing, blasting my ship?” Samus asked on her ship. Peach got her parasol out and huffed. ”You’re invading Mushroom Kingdom area, please go away.” The pink dressed heroine ordered. Samus shook her head. “You killed another princess, and, well, I am a bounty hunter. And you…” Samus charged up a shot and aimed it again at Peach. “Are my next target.” Samus told. Peach twirled her parasol than aimed it at the bounty hunter. ”So be it…..” She said. Samus fired her shot, which Peach dodged then shot a magic blast from her parasol. Samus dodged, but was then hit by another magic blast by Peach. Samus began firing missiles and bombs, but Peach blocked with her parasol. Peach waved her hand, and Samus was picked up telepathically. Samus wiggled, but then shot an ice beam. Peach gasped and was shot down, frozen. Samus fell, but stood her ground by equipping her speed enhancing boots. Peach broke out of the ice and saw her Metroid rival. She was hit by a punch in the face, and got upset. This led her to be surrounded in tears, wailing her little heart out. Samus slipped as she tried attacking Peach again, and the princess laughed, getting happy. She then began flying around, then shot another magic blast. Samus dodged in time and shot from her cannon. Peach was hit down and saw Samus running, now ready to use her energy whip. She began whipping Peach, the Mushroom Ruler screaming in pain. Samus then wrapped her whip around the princess and slammed Peach down. Peach got angry, than broke out of the laser whip, now in Rage mode. Peach stomped, and Samus fell down. Peach jumped in the air and soared down at the hurt bounty hunter. She then got ready to use her strongest move. The Peach Bomber. Samus didn’t react fast enough, and when she shot her blast, Peach broke through and struck down. Peach slammed through Samus’s body, and Samus’s torso flew away. The top of Samus laid down, defeated. Peach carried her rival to her ship and left her there, hoping she would know not to come back. Peach started her Go Kart up, and rode away, victorious.
This fight’s winner is: