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Princess Bella's PKMN Journey: Princess Bella's PKMN Journey Chapter 9

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn So this happens........ Wait I'm not telling you! CUE STORY!!!!!
We walked into the lab, Dove was nervous again, she had gotten used to Proffesor Blossom, but something about the lab made her nervous. "Dove, it is ok, I have the creepy feeling too." I said to calm her. Then Cyman came in with two kids. "Oh hello, I have heard so much about you! Now children, the proffesor is sick today, follow me." he said, so we followed him. It was a long way down, and we got to Leafblower City, which was weird, that is where Cyman's lab is. He and the two kids shoved us into a cage, and I thought I was having a nightmare.

The first thing I saw was a green room with two people standing in front of us, they wore green hairdos, green tuxedos, tutus, green visors, and Leafblowers? Then I realized I was in a cage. I looked around, my friends were no where. "Exscuse me, where am I?" I said to one of the people, "Ha! You foolish princess, you have been captured! Your friends, have been killed, so deal with it!" he said, I winced, oh no! Lily, Raven, Charlie, and Brandon, I can't imagine life without them! I sat down and cried in my cage, but wait, there was still hope! "Fine princess, I'll let you out if you can beat me in battle!" he said, and Dove completely killed it! We walked through the hall of the lab, bashing all the Team LeafBlower grunts. Finally we came to the main room, my friends were there! "Bella, I thought they killed you!" Lily said, "Oh little girl, we will if you don't shut up!" shouted a boy who seemed very familar. "Herman!" I shouted, "It's Rivalle now dumb dumb, you never were in love with me! And now I get revenge!" he sneered, and he took out a gun, slowly nearing me. "Stop Rivalle!" Cyman shouted, Rivalle stopped. "Sweet girl, don't worry, you'll still die, but in a crueler way!" he said to me, then he said something to Rivalle, "Rivalle, if you spare her now, she will die on the giant leaf!" Rivalle sneered at me. Suddenly a huge machine started to glow. "And now, with one push of this butto- Oh hi Mom, do you have to call me now you litte BEEP," Cyman yelled. "And now death-" PEEW PEEW, Oh my gosh! Charlie took out his Emboar and used flamethrower on Cyman, he fell to the ground in flames. "Hey, it had to be done!" Charlie said in his defense, suddenly I heard ticking, and we all ran out of the building. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The place exploded! Wow.
  1. Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn
    Ok so here are some little fun things so learn about.
    - Charlie was originally supposed to use a gun to kill Cyman
    - When Cyman said BEEP, that was cuss language
    Jan 27, 2016