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Princess Bella's PKMN Journey: Princess Bella's PKMN Journey Chapter 8

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn
Today I went to challenge the gym. I walked inside to see a pink room with a balcony, and there was a huge door with pink fairy wings coming out to the balcony, out burst a pretty girl who seemed to be 15, and she was wearing a fairy suit. "Hello, you must be Bella, Lily told me all about you." she said, then she signaled for battle, she had a Sylveon, and she used it hard, Dove was down to one HP by the time I got Sylveon finished, and then she sent out a Diancie, which took almost all Rose's strength, but finally it was done, Abby handed me a bright pink badge with a bow on it, "You know Bella, I might just see you at the next performance." she said with a wink, then she dissapeared into the room inside the balcony.

The next day we all decided to head for Bloom Town, the place was basically the home of Proffesor Blossom's lab, it had extensions that went into other towns, but this had the main one. On the way there I caught a shiny treecko, I named him Governer, and Brandon caught a shiny froakie. He named it Bro. When we arrived in Bloom Town Raven spotted something. "Guys come on! My family lives here!" she shouted, and we followed her to a house. "Everyone, here is my mom, my dad, my little brother Char, and my Grandad!" she said, and the four people each nodded. There was a tall man with brown hair, and he was holding a dusk ball, there was a nice woman with brown/blonde hair, apparently what Raven had before she died it purple, there was a little boy in a shirt with a charmander on it, and there was an old man dressed in a Pokemon breeder suit. "Hey little whippersnapper, I have a surprise for ya." he said to Raven, then he released an Espeon out of a Pokeball. "Oh Grandad, your Espeon! Thank you!" said Raven while hugging him, "Oh yeah, well I aint gonna live forever young un' so I need someone to take care of her. " he said, then he returned her hug, and sent us on our way to the lab. "I didn't know you grew up here." I said to Raven, "Oh yeah, and Proffesor Blossom is my cousin, she paid for me to get my hair died purple." she said, then we went to the lab.