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Princess Bella's PKMN Journey: Princess Bella's PKMN Journey Chapter 5

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn Chapter 5
Yesterday was amazing, the sun was shining, and, I kissed Brandon! Suddenly I heard footsteps, and clattering laughter. "Hey Bella!" I heard three voices shout, I turned around to see Raven, Lily, and Charlie! "It was all a prank!" Charlie said, "Yeah, Brandon really wanted alone time with you, so we had to leave!" said Lily. Brandon blushed, "Yeah, it's true, I like you alot Bella." he said, I smiled, everyone was together. I looked at the clock. "Oh no! Guys my Pokemon Performance! I have to register!" I ran into the building with Dove padding after me.

It was time for my performance, Dove hid slightly behind me. "Jessica, Lizzy, and Bella, you are up!" called the lady. I walked out in my sparkly pink dress, sure I was scared, but I knew that Dove and Glitz would help me shine! "Hell ladies and gentleman, our first challenge will be teamwork! These lovely ladies will have to create an artistic masterpiece with the help of there Pokemon! If you please!" shouted the man. I was brought up to the stage with the other girls, Lizzy had been teasing me downstairs, and she sneered as she walked over to her place. "On your marks, get set, GO!" I got to work. Dove began to use quick attack on the clay to shape it, while I shaped it with my hands, and then when we finished Vivillion used Bug Buzz to put glitter on it. The time ran out, and I stood next to my glittering sculpture, Lizzy had made a sculpture of a majestic snubbull eating an eevee, Jessica tried to make a sculpture of the moon, and I made a beautiful sunset over three figures of Pokemon. I gulped, would it me enough. "The judges have decided, Bella! You will be going on to the free stage." he said, I almost screamed, I was so happy!

It was time for the free stage, Dove was in a little princess tiara, and Glitz in a top hat. We walked out onto the stage. Glitz used Bug Buzz for glitter, Dove used swift. Dove and I danced while Glitz circled around us using Fairy Wind. Dove's white stars, and Glitz's pink dust flew through the air, and then I curtsied. "Tada!!!" I said, and everyone applauded. I was the last one so we all lined up with our keys, so the people could vote. I stood there nervously. Then suddenly pink circles came flowing into my key, there were so many! When it was all done, I had the most! "Our winner is Bella!" the man handed me a silver key with a pink tiara on the top, and a pink ribbon, I hugged it, my first step to becoming Londonia Princess!
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