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Princess Bella's PKMN Journey: Princess Bella's PKMN Journey Chapter 3

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn
On our way to Blaze City we encountered a wild Pokemon, Father had taught me how to catch Pokemon so I dazzled everyone by simply catching a Vivillion. She had light blue wings with white sparkles, apparently it is a rare pattern, I decided to call her Glitz, a name I liked for a Pokemon of her kind.

We finally arrived in Blaze City, Brandon and Charlie went to go challenge the gym, Raven wanted to get a bite, Lily went to check out the boutique, and Herman heard that part of Cyman's outstretched labs are in Blaze City, so he went to see that. So it left me all alone. I decided to register for the performance, and then see if I can defeat the gym. I went inside and registered, I was going against a few more newcomers because this performance is especially for newcomers, and then I went to challenge the gym. The gym leader was called Gray, and he specialized in fire types. I finally made it to the top of the gym, and Gray was there, his hair looked like it was on fire, and I gulped. He sent out a cyndaquil, and I sent Dove, after a long hard battle, I won. He presented me with the Burn Badge, a red badge in the shape of a fire, and I put it in my case, I bought a special pink case to hold my badges, and a pink keychain to hold any princess keys. I met up with the others and Lily had bought a bunch of clothing, including some for me and Raven, Brandon and Charlie both beat Gray, Raven had gotten some pretty good food, and Herman had become apprenticed to Cyman. We all decided to go to Love Town next, because the meteor shower was coming soon.
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