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Princess Bella's PKMN Journey: Princess Bella's PKMN Journey Chapter 2

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn
I walked outside the castle to see a girl who looked a tiny bit older then me walking up the flower pathway. I walked over and said, "Hi I'm Bella, are you the person who is here for the Pokemon journey?"

She nodded, "I'm Raven, I was also chosen to do this journey--oh and this is my partner, Tiger!" she said, taking out a PokeBall and releasing a skitty. "Oh, and he is pretty cute.

Should we get going?" I asked her.

"Yeah sure, it's a bit of a way to Rise Town, where we are all meeting up." she said. Then, we started walking till we got to a purple bike--hers I presume, so I ran over and got my pink bike so I could ride too.

"Dove, hop in the basket!" I called to Dove, and the little Pokemon jumped into the basket so she could ride. "Ok, Raven, let's go!" I called, and then we rode off to Rose Town.

When we got to Rose Town Raven stopped at the La Rose Cafe, they serve the best tea! We walked inside and I saw four kids, there was an orange haired girl who looked ready to explode with excitement, a boy with shaggy blonde hair who was staring at me oddly, a boy with messy brown hair who looked full of determination, and a strange looking boy with bright red hair and huge glasses.

"Oh hi! I'm Lily this is my chespin, come on out Chestnut!" said the orange haired girl, while making a huge bounce with each step.

The messy haired boy stepped up next, "Hey I'm Charlie, this is my tepig, I'm currently training to be the champion." he said,

next the blonde guy, "I'm Brandon, Prince Brandon, my dad is the king of Harmonia region, but my mother and I moved here to Londonia." he said, and he looked pretty cute, his hair kept flopping in his face, and he had to brush it out, and then an eevee came out of his PokeBall, the eevee was bigger than Dove, and he wasn't shiny but he ran up to Dove with a lovey dovey look on his face,

"Eevee! Eevee!" he said, Dove pushed his face away with her silver paw,

"Eevee eevee!" she said looking annoyed.

Finally the red haired boy stepped up, "Hi I'm Herman, my grandfather is a guy called Cyman, have you heard of him? I'm gonna be his apprentice, oh and this is my pokemon, go Sylvia!" he said, and a shiny sylveon with a menacing look on her face came out, she brushed Dove with the tip of her tail and gave her the evil eye.

Ok, I decided I didn't really like Sylvia. I guessed it was time for me to introduce myself, "Hi, I'm Bella, and yes I am that princess you heard about, but just call me Bella. This is my shiny eevee, her name is Dove." I used my hand to beckon Dove out from behind my back.

"Well then, let us head for Blaze City, I hear they have a gym there, and a performance is coming up!" said Raven, and we went on our way.
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