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Princess Bella's PKMN Journey: Princess Bella's PKMN Journey Chapter 18

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn Horse Barn!
Protagonist: Princess Bella Lee
Rivals: Raven Treecrab, Lily Butterfly, Charlie Flamepig, Brandon Royalle
Antagonist: Team Leafblower
Region: Londonia
Team: Dove, Glitz, Lila, Pixie, Rainbow
Current Location: Rapidash Barn
Badges: 4
Princess Keys: 2
Deaths: 2
Today we had quite some time before the performance so we got up early and Raven looked at the Magnolia Town Map, "Well guys the biggest attraction here is the Rapidash Barn, so let's go there, I here you get to ride the Rapidash!" she said, so we all got out our bikes and rode. Raven had a purple bike and Kitty the Espeon rode on her head, Lily had an orange bike and her beautifly flew next to her, Charlie had a green bike and Waffles the Emboar ran next to him, Brandon had a blue bike and Silver rode in the basket, and I had a pink bike, Dove rode in the basket. When we arrived a man ran up to us and said, "Welcome! Would you like to meet the Rapidash?" I nodded. "Well then follow me!" he said, so we followed him till we saw some stables. "Pick a Rapidash, then you can ride it." the man said as he walked around the stalls. Each of the stalls were made of old brown wood, and had a small piece of wood saying the Rapidash's name. "Ooooh, can I ride Mystic?" Raven asked as she stroked a young Rapidash. "Sure, ride whoever ya want." the man said as he saddled Raven up and let her on the horse. "I'll take Lil Rascal!" Lily shouted as she sadled up onto a small male Rapidash. "I'll ride Jerome!" Charlie said. "I'll ride Royalle!" Brandon said. Then there was just me, I looked around till I saw a stall with rainbow wood. Inside there was a majestic Rapidash with a long flowing rainbow mane, her name was Rainbow. "May I ride Rainbow?" I asked the man, "Ahh Rainbow, ya know little girl, I think you should keep Rainbow, she seems to like ya." the man said as he put me on Rainbow. "You sure?" I asked him. "Yes girl, she'll love ya." he said, smiling.
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