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Princess Bella's PKMN Journey: Princess Bella's PKMN Journey Chapter 11

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn New section in summary!
Protagonist: Princess Bella Lee
Main Characters: Raven, Lily, Brandon, Charlie, Dove
Antagonist(s): Team Leafblower
Badges: 3
Princess Keys: 1
Bella's Team: Dove (shiny eevee female), Glitz (shiny tundra vivillion), Rose (shiny eternal flower floette)
Currentl Location: Mikaron Town
Region: Londonia (a made up region ruled by a king (who happens to be Bella's father))
As we arrived in Mikaron Town I braced myself for the Pokemon Performance I had to do, I really wanted to earn my second Princess Key! I knew that Blowe would be in this competition so I had to be ready. I looked at Rose and Dove, who were the Pokemon I would be using, Dove looked exited but Rose looked worriesome, so I said, "Hey Rosey would you like to ride on my shoulder?" so the little floette hopped onto my shoulder as we walked towards the building, I was wearing my rose dress that Raven had sewn together for me so that I could look nice (see the creative corner work). When we arrived at the building my friends said bye to me as I began to prepare for the first round, which was smarts. I walked out with Dove and then waited for the competition to begin. Sooner or later Dove gad won me the chance to answer this question: What is the final evoloution of Magikarp? Of course I said Magikarp and once I answered enough questions I was going to the finals! I had Rose use fairy wind as Dove and I danced gracefully under the pink dust and Dove used swift to cut through the pink swirls creating a magical effect. When the time came I saw many pink glowing dots in the air, and suddenly they swirled into my key, I had won! After I received my second Princess Key I walked outside with my friends talking and buzzing about the competition. Suddenly something happened, "Hello Bella, I think you know me as Rose." said an angelic voice, suddenly I noticed that Rose was speaking! BUM BUM BUM.............. TO BE CONTINUED
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