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Primarina (my favorite alola starter)

by Alexcena2005

Alexcena2005 Why this pokemon is my favorite alola starter.
Primarina the alolan water starter's final evolution. It is water and fairy, so few weaknesses. If you chosen the other two they are both weak to fairy (strange huh).You can beat 3 or 4 trails with this starter. Poni canyon's trial I one shot the totem pokèmon with a moon blast.
If you hate ghost type pokèmon ,Primarina can learn pshyic wich is super effective to them.Grass: ice beam one shot,Fire :most water moves(no surf).Dark,Fighting,and ghost: moon blast or disarming voice. Singers love Ocenatic opperetta. So in the end I feel good good night.
  1. WolfyPop
    1. Psychic moves are not super effective against Ghost types.
    2. Fairy is not super effective to Ghost.
    Nov 27, 2016