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Gaiien Region: Press Y to SCREEEEEEEEE: Bosstrich and Moarch

by Keleri

bosstrich dex.png
Keleri Bosstrich ⟶ (lv. 25) Moarch

#107 - Bosstrich (boss + ostrich)
Punching Pokémon

They strike each other with the hardened edges of their wings to establish dominance but also to show friendship and camaraderie. Hopeful trainers should wear a helmet.

Moveset: Peck, Double Kick, Sand Attack, Stomp, Mega Punch, Wing Attack, Dizzy Punch, Comet Punch, Mach Punch, Screech, Round, Rock Smash, Leer, Bounce

#108 - Moarch (moa + monarch)

Punching Pokémon

They can punch so hard that it creates a wall of sound that dents steel and flips armored vehicles. If this weren't enough, their toe claws can disembowel a Pyroar or Rhyhorn with one swipe.

Base Stats: 80/105/60/60/60/135 (500)

Ability: Iron Fist/Big Pecks/[Scrappy]

Moveset: Drill Peck, Pluck, Thrash, Amplify, Buzzer, Cacophony, Cavitation, Disco Panic, Megaphone, Tooth Rattle, Sonic Cannon, Shaker Blast, Slash, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Wood Punch, Aqua Punch, Wind Punch, Brick Break, Close Combat, Drain Punch, Bullet Punch, Focus Punch, Hammer Arm, Power-Up Punch, Regal Glare

Design Notes: Birds With Human Arms, giant moas, ostriches, ratites, cassowaries, deinonychus, terror birds, how swans can break your arms or legs by hitting you with their wings


If my pokemon "game" had two versions, Bosstrich would be one version exclusive and Jaby would be the other.
  1. muddy mudkip
    muddy mudkip
    moarch is my favorite Gaiien pokemon
    Apr 24, 2020
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