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Taya Gym Leaders: Prepare yourself to battle!(Or not) (Taya Gym Leaders - 3DS)

by CombuskenBrazil

HNI_0010.JPG HNI_0009.JPG HNI_0003 (2).JPG HNI_0004.JPG HNI_0005.JPG HNI_0006.JPG HNI_0007.JPG HNI_0008.JPG
CombuskenBrazil Cool not? Let's see...
1st - Joe, my last drawing e.e
2nd - Michael, the ULTRA DUPER EPIC drawing. (Note: He didn't are a mad guy for Dark Magic, he is a illusionist prankster, his dark side is just a prank to scare the trainers)
3rd - Lincoln, Ex-Marine soldier. (Note to the Taya Symbol in his left arm. You didn't can see it exactly, but I will probably show it in the future.)
4th - Alex, cuuuuute, no? (Note: She is littler than this, It's a "zoomed" image... Heh)
5th - Amy, meh, showing his [(ERROR, CORRECT IS HER)] Mega-Ring... Just this.
6th - Sandra... There's something to say?
7th - Arme, she's a quiet girl... Note to the hair :p
8th - Kate, hmmm, It's something like.... Hum, hammm, when someones wake up, and elongates..... I don't know. That "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" scene.
Well, now have fun.