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Prata-Jhun: Another furry character I drew from a colour palette

by GalaxyEspeon

PNG image 34.png IMG_0392.jpg
GalaxyEspeon This is Prata-Jhun (pronounced: Prata-Jun)
is an oc I created from a colour palette challenge I found off the internet, just like crybaby. I will show you guys a picture of the colour palette ‘cause WHY NOT? Anyways, the palettes I used were “Set Me Free” for the actual character and “Too Much” for the background.

Prata-Jhun is a mythical silver Leopard, famous in all of India. Yet, whilst living peacefully in the forest, Americans hunters enter the country in search of Prata. Prata is terrified for his life, and is in hiding until his true power tries to convince Prata to use his hidden power. BUT, there’s a downside. Whenever Prata uses that power, he becomes a monster; an uncontrollable beast which cannot ne contained. Whilst in this state, Prata is trapped in his conscience (the red string) and still hasn’t learnt to cut loose from his string thus, he vowed never to use his power AT. ALL.

Ya see, his name kinda strange. Prata is just his regular name whilst “Jhun” is the spirit who is trying to convince Prata to use his true power totally did not create this entire story off the top of my head, no way’

So, that’s everything you need to know about Prata-Jhun! Honestly, I still wonder why it took me so long to complete this art. Welp, I hope ya like it!