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Possible contest?

by Nidocool

Nidocool I'm doing a bit of a contest, I guess. The winner gets some cool stuff.
Hey there! As stated before, I wanted a new profile picture, and wanted one of my OC, but unfortunately I'm not the best at drawing. So, I decided to open up a contest for it! Basically, all ya gotta do is draw my OC, Maddison, with one of her Pokemon. So, you have to be able to draw both humans and Pokemon, obviously.
I'll accept participants up until September 1st, and the drawing is due on the 10th. If you win, I'll change my profile picture to your artwork and I'll message you.
For the prizes, the winner of the contest gets... A few custom sprites from me (they won't be amazing, since I'm a beginner...) and a Pokemon! This Pokemon is no other than a shiny Dragonite! I don't really have use for it, so I decided to give it away here rather than Wonder Trading it. Message me if you want her exact stats, but she's a female, around level 67-69. I only remember three of her moves. They are Thunderbolt, Rock Tomb, and Fly.
I do have a few rules, and I'll list them below.
-Your entry has to be at least a halfbody drawing. No head shots.
-It has to be colored. It can be digital or traditional, but it just has to have some color to it. Backgrounds are optional.
-Put at least some effort into it. You have until September 10th to do it, don't just throw something together in 5 minutes.
Those are all of the rules! To get more info, either comment on this or message me!