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Pokéventure: Code Tot: Pokéventure: Code Tot: Prologue

by Le Marsouin

Le Marsouin Leon had his usual life in the Leaf Forest, until suddenly, a group of grunts and their leader managed to successfully kidnap him! Panic quickly spread around, as the gang successfully kidnapped Leon.
It was a sunny day in the Leaf Forest, as the sun gleamed like a diamond towards everyone in the area. There seemed to be no humans around, as all the Pokémon lived in harmony. A Blastoise sat down near the pond, as a Bulbasaur asked him, "Hi, I'm Bulbasaur, what's your name?" The Blastoise replied, "Well, I'm Blastoise, but they also call me Leon. I'm in charge of this forest here whenever that big guy isn't here."

Bulbasaur quickly hid behind Leon, as he whimpered, "S- someone's here!" Leon quickly peeked behind, as he saw a tall figure behind him that held a weapon, and a baton. The human appeared to be a leader, as she wore a mask, and a outfit that had the letter T on it. Leon saw that it was a human, as he pointed his cannons at her and roared loudly! The leader shrugged her shoulders at him, as she quickly shot Leon in the chest, as he collapsed on the grass! Bulbasaur quickly ran away, as he screamed to everyone in the area, "AHH, RUN! THEY'RE HERE!"

Leon's body was paralyzed, as the leader quickly signaled the grunts that hid in the bushes. She told them in a stern tone, "Get him to the cart, we got some work to do boys!" They all picked up Leon, as one of grunts hesitantly complained, "Gosh, he's so heavy! Why are we doing this?" The leader replied in a loud tone, "Stop complaining so much, why did you think I hired you boy?! Just get him to the cart, you can be my interviewer once I start driving!"

They placed Leon in a cart that was connected to the jeep, as they quickly got in the jeep soon after. The leader fumbled around for her keys, as she exclaimed, "AHH, GOD... WHERE ARE MY KEYS?!" One of the grunts quickly gave her the keys that he had been holding, as he said, "H- here... you dropped them earlier." The leader phrased the grunt, as she jabbed the key in the ignition lock, and said, "Alright great job today boys, we caught a really big one! Now you can start babbling all you want here." They drove off, as Leon laid motionless in the cart.