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Pokéventure: Code Tot: Pokéventure: Code Tot: Chapter 2

by Le Marsouin

Le Marsouin Leon had devolved back from a Blastoise to a Squirtle, as the leader of Team Tots now revealed the truth to him. He had barely escaped from the grunts, as he has to find a way out now. Will he make it out, or will he be stick for life?
Leon woke up, as he felt very lightheaded. His vision was very fuzzy, as the wood walls looked like brown patches. He tried to get up, as he quickly fell on his belly soon after. He noticed that something was different, as he thought, "Something isn't right here, why do I feel like I've lost a lot of weight? Is it just me or is this room so big?"

He looked around, as the tables and machines towered over him. He blinked, as he coughed some green spit from his mouth. He asked himself, "What's going on? Where the hell am I? Why am I even here, and is this even a dream?!" He went towards the table, as he tried to keep himself straight. He saw a lot of red stuff on the walls, as one of them even said, "You will not survive." Fear went through his body, as he went on the floor and cried.

As time passed, he began to feel more strange. His muscles got weak, as his shell was a lot smaller than usual, and even his tail was bigger and curly now. He still cried, as he looked at the puddle and saw that he was a Squirtle! He screamed, as he fell over backward and exclaimed. "W- WHAT?! I'M A SQUIRTLE?! HOW IN THE WORLD?! NO WAY!"

The leader had gotten back, as she tapped on the door and said to Leon, "Oh congratulations, it seems like the formula has worked on you. Now since I know that I can't even understand you, I will tell you this. My name is Olivia, and I'm the leader of Team Tots. I think that you shall know the truth since you won't even get out of here alive."

Leon cried and banged on the door, as Olivia evilly laughed at him and exclaimed, "Throwing a tantrum isn't going to even help little one, and besides... I think that you should see what it's like to be young and powerless again! You shall learn your lesson for what you did to my grunts long ago!"

She coughed, as she continued on and said, "I think I'll let the grunts have it with you, I'm too tired to even throw a punch here. Besides, I have some better things to do than waste time on you." She walked out of the area, as she went back and talked to the grunts. She said to them, "Alright boys, give this Blastois- I mean Squirtle a lesson!" One of the grunts giggled at her, as she slapped him with her handkerchief.

The grunts went to Squirtle's room, as they kicked the door down. One of them said, "Alright baby boy, time for your spanking!" The other grunt said, "Yeah, it's time to beat you up!" Leon quickly rolled over to dodge the grunts' blasters, as he ran out of the room!

One of the grunts screamed, "WAIT! WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE GUARDING THE DOOR!" The other grunt exclaimed while panicking, "HE'S LOOSE NOW, WE HAVE TO GET HIM! OR ELSE SHE WON'T BE HAPPY!"

Leon quickly ran, as he tried to lose the grunts. He rolled under tables, and turned sharply at corners, as he had finally lost them. He saw that the area was dark, as he cried a little and said to himself, "Waaaaaah! I want my mommy back! I wanna go home!"

His past memories started to form, as he went to the elevator and tried to push the button. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to work, as he kept mashing on the button. Eventually, he figured out that it required something for it to work, as indicated by the keyhole and another hole that had a slot for what might be a canister. He sighed and said to himself, "Looks like I need some stuff for this to go up..." He walked around the area still, as he quickly hid in a giant container to take a short rest.