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Poket Mountains

by Mrs.Serene222

Mrs.Serene222 A series of action packed series of Pokemon featuring Zippy as the main character. It isn't so much like other Pokemon Mystery Dungeons, for Zippy has always been a Pokemon and he doesn't have one specified partner. Him and his friends go through schooling to practice dungeons and stride to be the best. Along with the pressure of school Zippy contains a dark secret in which he isn't even aware of! What is this secret? Read to find out!
Episode 1
"And so... The grand Master Ho-oh saw that this Lugia was bad news! Corrupted by years of darkness! Secluded for years then up-risen by hatred! Shadow Lugia took the battle field at hand! But was securely strucken down by Ho-oh's grand force! Thus not returning... It's been nearly fourteen years ago... The evil has been seal but some say that he still lurks in the shadows! Reaping those who defy him! And recruiting all of the Pokemon of the world to join him in his conquest!" Zippy stood triumphantly as he gave his story its finishing touches.
"Zip ya only know how to speak like that when tellin' that story, don't 'cha? You have the strange sense of memorizing every word but can never remember where you put your backpack THREE SECONDS after you set it down..." A smaller gold Charmander stated.
"Well Pico I don't see you telling a great story!"
"I don't tell stories!" I'm not a boring ole coot like you! I tell jokes!"
"Jokes? Fine.. tell me a good one!"
"You!" Pico said the burst out into laughter.
A shiny and regular Snivy on one side of the campfire giggled towards Zippy. A Bagon on the opposite side also laughed.
The shiny female Snivy spoke "Your little brother is so cute Zippy!"
"He's a handful that's for sure..." Zippy complained.
"Hey Shiny is right, you should be a little nicer! He is very cute after all!" The male Snivy said.
Pico's mouth curled up into a cutesy smile. "I know I'm cute" he stated.
"C'mon Zip! Just because he jokes around doesn't mean you have to be mean to him!"
"No Draco! He's Giratina's spawn and he shall perish!" Zippy yapped.
The male Snivy gave a sigh. "Good ole Zipper! The temper just makes you, well, you!" He laughed.
"You know me well Solar! Well... Citrine forest isn't gonna get any darker! We might as well go to sleep!" Zippy giggled.
A raspy voice echoes from a small distance, "You better get to sleep! It's hard getting rest with all of you yelling like that!" A black Torchic with a red trim complained.
"Oh flame... You are a stick in the mud!" Zippy laughed. He looked over to his little brother who was now cuddled against him, sound asleep. Zippy smiled an leaned against a nearby tree.
Shiny curled up and fell asleep. Draco leaned against a tree and Solar simply lied down. He couldn't help but to stay up in case any danger arrived, although there was no danger to be found. Flame went back to his slumber.
Zippy flinched in his sleep as he saw himself walking through a dead forest. Trees were black and the ground was grey like dead skin. He stepped around. He stepped on some twigs then heard growling noises. Everything tinted dark, and red eyes were seen peering at him from all directions. His heart beat fast. Just as a pack of Mightyena darted towards him his vision went bleak. When he came to there was nothing to be found but a deep pit. As if an asteroid hit. He rubbed his eyes and when he opened them, everything was bright, and he was back in Citrine Forest.
"Zippy! Zippy! It's time to get up! Slash is here!" Shiny said. She nudged at him. "Hey! He's awake!"
Solar smiled. "Hey buddy! You looked like you had a bad dream! Hey, it's all good! C'mon! Let's go back home!" Solar said cheerfully.
Zippy looked around. The sun shone through the trees. Flame, Draco, Solar, Shiny, and Pico were awake. Zippy's older brother Slash walked towards him. "Let's go home Zip," He said calmly as he held his hand out. Zippy took his hand and got up.
"Ugh... those dreams again..." Zippy said holding his head.
"Don't fret about it lil bro!" The Charmelion said. "It's probably nothing! Dreams have a way of being consistent even when they mean nothing! C'mon, Mother is waiting for us!" He said. He walked over and took Pico's hand. He walked towards Citrine Town. Zippy followed. Solar, Shiny, and Draco went with Solar's older brother, a Servine. Flame only stayed. Zippy would always find it odd when he stayed behind. It seemed like he had no where to go. He also rarely showed up to school.
They arrive at Citrine. The town consisted of only a few houses and a construction site. They were setting up a large market of some sort. A Gurdurr was in charge of the construction. Another thing Zippy always found odd was when he passed the construction. Mr. Gurdurr, as Zippy called him, would always stare deeply towards Zippy. He wouldn't let his eye go from him. There was always silence in the town when Zippy passed by. The construction also seemed to never get done. They were always stuck at the same point they've been for the last year or so.
This time when Zippy came by the site he stopped. "Go ahead!" He told Slash and Pico. He stared beyond the fence to the Gurdurr. For a few minutes the old brute didn't notice him. He finally turned around and spotted the Charmander. It was a deep silent moment. The time they stared back and forth was intense. His eyes beat into Zippy's throat, whispering to him to go away. Zippy only stared back. He wanted to tell him he wasn't afraid, but didn't know how.
"You suck!" He yelled then ran off smiling. The Gurdurr was confused, but went back to work.
Zippy made it home. His mother Charizard greeted him with a smile. "Honey, I made you your favorite! tamato berry pie!" She smiled happily to him.
"Yay!!!" Zippy cheered. He ran insite and ate a whole pie in one bite. He saved the other for his brothers. His father, a Charizard bigger than any other Charizard, stood outside meditating. Zippy always wondered why his father wanted to practice this but he shrugged it off. He went upstairs to his room. He looked at a calendar. "Oh... First day of school tomorrow! Can't wait to see my friends!" He cheered.
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  1. Mrs.Serene222
    Episode 3
    "Wow... There are so many new Pokemon here! I'm going to enjoy this 3rd, 4th grade year!" Zippy chuckled.
    "Hey Zip..." Solar asked. "Ever think it's strange that we do our schooling by two tears eack? I mean... we're going to graduate elementary!" Solar blabbed.
    "Yah yah... Truth is Solar, they aren't smart like us so they can't think up of things to teach us! I mean, what all do we have to know?"
    "Zip... you don't even know what you don't know!" Solar laughed. "Now... we have Mis. Custard as our teacher.. in room twenty five!" Solar said looking around.
    "Ouch! Solar! Don't shock m...." Zippy said then stopped instantly. He turned around, trembling.
    "Did you miss me?" A male Pikachu snarled.
    "Ah! B... Bolts?" Zippy stuttered.
    "Yeah! I'm here! And I got a supersize for you! Better than the finally last year!" Zippy remembered being thrown through the wall. He shivered. "Well... my powers have improved!"
    "Back off Bolts!" Solar butted in.
    "Oh? And what's a little leaf like you going to do about it?" Bolts laughed.
    "Come at me," Solar snickered.
    A thunder bolt crashed into Solar. Everyone looked at them. A crowd gathered in a circle.
    "My turn!" Solar said, hardly effected. He used a leaf storm. Bolts was whipped across the hall. Solar grabbed Zippy, who fell on the ground in astonishment.
    They arrived in the room. The desks were round with several chairs around them. Matthew and his sister Julie sat beside each other laughing at jokes they were cracking. Sitting beside Julie was Draco. Shiny sat at the other side of the table. She was contributing to the conversation. There were two empty seats for Solar and Zippy. Solar sat beside Shiny. Zippy sat beside Matthew. Zippy looked around the classroom. In the front were the sporty popular Pokemon, consisting of a Jolteon, Flareon, Shelmet, Mismagius, Froakie, and their leader, an Absol. They were the fittest and generally the strongest of the whole class. A Zigzagoon, Zorua, Sewaddle, Skitty, and Psyduck sat at another table. They were the geeks. Zippy's group was known more for being the outcasts.
    "Hey! Buddy!" a Cyndaquil nudged Zippy from another table. "I know! That Flarion over there is hot! Literally! I would love to run my hands through her fur!" He said. "But she's mine!" He giggled.
    "It's okay man! I wasn't trying anything!" Zippy laughed. At the table with the Cyndaquil there was also a Tangela, Minccino, Ditto, and a Porygon. The Tangela patted the Cyndaquil on his back, "Chill Ember! The guy is jus' observing! It's a first day a school! Besides, I'm sorry to say man but cha' can't jus' know jus' by lookin' at a lady!" He said. "Sorry buddy! Ma' names Akor, Akor Cyfle! This here is ma' friend Ember, the fluffy tailed fella be Cloud, the blob call 'imself Macus, and the shape shifta' has a name I can't pronounce!" Akor laughed.
    "You seem like a good bunch!" Zippy smiled. Zippy then heard the door open. Bolts came in the classroom. Zippy ducked behind his chair. He was shivering. Bolts sat down by the popular kids and conversation with them. Zippy then took a breath of relief.
    His heart then stopped. Him and Matthew both gazed at the shy Charmander the came inside. "Kira..." They both gasped.
    She shyly walked over to the table and sat by Zippy. Zippy and Matthew both stared at her. The teacher then came in and everyone looked over to her.
    Mar 8, 2016
  2. Mrs.Serene222
    Episode 2
    "Wake up Zippy! Wake up!" A little voice yelled. "C'mon! we gotta eat breakfast and go!" the voice yelled again.
    Next thing Zippy knew a little head but knocked him from his bed. "Hey! Pico get away!" Zippy snapped to his little brother.
    "You'll be late for school big bro! You always sleep in!"
    "Doesn't give you the right to tease me!" Zippy snapped once more.
    Pico ran down the stairs away from Zippy's room. With anger Zippy thumped down the stairs. His mother set out some plates with Oran Berry Pancakes. She had some Moomoo milk on the side. Slash was already awake and eating.
    Zippy sat in a seat by his brother. Slash paid no mind to his little brother. He was in his usual silent state. He was always silent. He seemed to be angry all of the time. Maybe that's just normal Charmelion attitude.
    Zippy scooped the pancakes up into his mouth. He chugged the Moomoo milk and was ready to go. Pico took his time eating. In this time Zippy went to the back yard with his father. His father meditated just as he does every day and night. Zippy sat beside him.
    "Dad?" Zippy interrupted.
    "Yes son?" His father answered.
    "Why do you meditate?" Zippy asked him.
    "Well son... There comes a time in every Pokemon's life when he settles down his days of battle and begins a new and more peaceful way of life through meditation. It's a calm and easy way to keep me from the urges of battle. I use to strengthen my muscles, now I strengthen my mind..." He told Zippy, who was now smiling up at him.
    "You use to be a battler? Were you a Dungeon Master?" Zippy asked.
    "Zip... I was more than just a Dungeon Master, and I still am. There just isn't any further danger in Poket for me to handle."
    Zippy gasped. "I though Dungeon Master was the highest rank a Pokemon could have! You have to go through the very best of the dungeons! Only ten Pokemon are crowned Dungeon Master! How?"
    "You're forgetting Zippy..." His father said. "There are several jobs here in Poket. Some are basic, if you haven't gone to a Poket battling school you can become a salesman or a nurse, although that's usually for Chansey and Audino unless you are skilled in medics. You can go to a Poket battle school to practice Dungeons. You forget that along with the title of Junior Defender, three ranks before Dungeon Master, you have the privilege to help guard the Masters, Lugia of Poket Mountains, Dialga of Poket Plains, Palkia or Poket Islands, and Darkrai of Poket Cemitary. The only thing is, you are only privileged to guard your own region's master. Once you become a Poket Defender, two more ranks ahead, you are able to defend all four masters of your choice,"
    "Yeah I know that dad! But how come you were able to rank up?" Zippy interrupted.
    "I was getting there!" His father laughed. "After you become a Poket defender, many think the only way to rank higher is to become a Dungeon Master by defeating a Dugeon Master or being voted into the top ten fighters of Poket, but there's a secret rank," This statement made Zippy smile. His dad whispered to him, "You could become a senior citizen!" His dad burst out into laughter.
    "That's not funny dad! I was all exited!" Zippy started playfully punching his father. "I want to become greater than a Dungeon Master! I'll be the Grand master of all Poket! That's right dad! I want to take Ho-oh's place!"
    His dad smirked, "Well if that's you dream then..." He said as he got ready to walk off. "You better get through school! It'll be the most important part of becoming the Grand Master!" His dad laughed.
    "You'll see... everyone will see! Zippy FLamewheel! Greatest of the battlers! Grand Master and most powerful then all legendary Pokemon! They'll see!" Zippy said quietly.
    He then went back inside. Pico and Slash were ready. Zippy grabbed his bag and ran out the door.
    They walked east to Citrine forest. "I bet I can get to school faster than you can Slash!" Zippy teased.
    "Oh you do, do you?" Slash said calmly.
    "Yeah! Ready?" Zippy said. He placed one foot firmly on the ground, leveled with Slash's.
    "Set..." He leaned forward and fire leaked from his mouth and flared up from his foot.
    "Go!" He said. The two sprung off. Zippy jumped and landed into a swirling vortex of fire. "Flamewheel attack!" He yelled.
    Zippy zoomed through the vast forest. Slash ran straight through the trees, cutting any vines and bushed in his way.
    "Oh brother..." Pico sighed as he walked to school.
    As Zippy arrived in Tephrite City he started loosing control. "Watch out guys!" He said as he entered the school yard. Many diffent species of Pokemon were there. They all dodged the out-or-control flamewheel as Zippy passed by. He finally tripped over a rock. He rolled over into a tree. He blacked out. When he woke up he saw Shiny, Solar, Draco, A male Charmander, and a Female Charmander staring down at him.
    "Hey Zip! You wiped out!" The male Charmander said.
    "Ugh... Matthew? Wh... why are there two of you?"
    "Uh! Zippy! It's me! Julie! Why can't you remember that!?" Julie complained. "Remember how you fell in love with me?" Julie said.
    "Sis don't make me beat him up again! He's too clumsy to have you!" Matt snapped at his sister.
    Solar rolled his eyes. "C'mon Zippy! Get up!" He said as he pulled Zippy up. "Don't let what they day get to ya!"
    "But I don't even like Julie!" Zippy whispered to Solar.
    "I know buddy, don't break it to her though! Girls are naive!"
    "I know! Th... They do taste like chocolate!" Zippy replied.
    Confused, Solar ignored Zippy's ignorance. "Yes butty... they taste like chocolate!"

    To Be Continued...
    Feb 7, 2016