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Pokesonas: Pokesonas list

by PassIntoTheMeme

Pokemon 1
Name: Venus
Pokemon: Serperior
Gender: Male
Personality: Hostile, Overprotective, Moody, Annoying, Mean, Kind
Extras: Is shiny
Relationship: None
Moves: Giga Drain, Leaf Storm, Leaf Blade, Poison Powder

Pokemon 2
Name: Sophie
Pokemon: Torchic
Gender: Female
Personality: Annoying, Mean, Happy, Kind
Extras: None
Relationship: None
Moves: Ember, Peck, Tackle

Pokemon 3
Name: Leki
Pokemon: Electivire
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind, Helpful, Strong, Fast
Extras: Has yellow eyes
Relationship: None
Moves: Electro Ball, Earthquake, Thunderbolt

Pokemon 4
Name: Bandit
Pokemon: Salazzle
Gender: Female
Personality: Cautious, Protective, Fast, Sneaky, Kind
Extras: Has a top hat, a wooden cane and the marks on her belly look like outer space
Relationship: None
Moves: Flamethrower, Arial Ace, Flame Charge

Pokemon 5
Name: Feathers
Pokemon: Decidueye
Gender: Male
Personality: Angry, Moody, Helpful
Extras: Has arrows with a dark aura coming off them
Relationship: Has a crush on Bandit
Moves: Arial Ace, Shadow Ball, Spirit Shackle, Leafage

There are my Pokesonas!