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PokeShots: Part 1 Blame it on the Rain

by TrappedNutCase

TrappedNutCase Jolteon x Glaceon

This is a small oneshot for a Pokémon ship. If you have a ship you want me to do, ask me.
"Arrow!" Small brown paws ran after a retreating form, mud splattering across them. A small female Eevee named Shimmer was chasing down her best friend. "Arrow! Arrow don't leave!" She sobbed as she slipped and fell in the mud.

The form stopped and, looked at her, he had equally soft brown fur, with purple-brown eyes. "I'm sorry Shimmer. I have to find myself, and I can't do that here." He spoke loudly so she could hear. "I'll come back to you Shimmer, so don't cry.

"Arrow..." She sniffed sadly before blacking out from the exhaustion that rushed over her.


Purple eyes snapped open against the blinding morning sun that flew through the window. Despite the sunny look outside, the smell of rain hung heavily in the sweet air. "I haven't had that dream in a long time." A pretty Jolteon sat up from her grass made nest. Slowly, she sighed and looked out the window. "Arrow..." She whispered against the cool air, the memory of her past friend dashed against her mind. It had been a whole 7 years since Arrow had left to find himself. At first Shimmer was sad, then angry, and then understanding. A loud knock on the door drew her attention. "Who could that be? Asher and Daisy are on their honeymoon, and Dash is on a journey to find his love." Shimmer hummed and walked through her den, and over to the opening where a Glaceon sat. "Can I help you?"

"Hey Shimmer, It's been awhile." Shimmer felt her breath get caught in her chest as she reconized the deep, raspy voice of the male. "I told you I'd come back to you." He whispered in Shimmer's ear.

"A-Arrow..." A tear slipped down her cheek before she slapped him with her bright yellow paw. "How could you leave me?!" She explained as it started raining, the bright sky darkening. "I loved you! You were everything to me! How could you do that?!" She sobbed and hit his chest with her spicky yellow head. "Idiot..."

"I needed to grow." Arrow sighed, qrapping his pale blue paw around her back and pulling her smaller body closer to his. "I needed to grow so I could tell you, I love you Shimmer, I have since the day we met on that rainy day, when you helped me out of that mud trap." He pulled her face up to meet his, and pressed his muzzle to hers.

"I missed you."

"I missed you too."
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